8 Mar 2011, 2:05pm


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  • Running Update: If you’re happy and you know it

    I lied.

    Before I left for the gym last night I told my husband that I wasn’t going to go all crazy and run hard or anything.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Once I start running, I get a little myopic.  All that matters is making it to the next tenth and then the next tenth.  Such a sucker.


    I was a little rough on myself last night.  My run started out nice and cheery, but I had forgotten my water bottle so that little mind trip was floating around in my head threatening to de-tread me, and I loped my way up to 2.5.  BREAK.  Jumped off to get a sip of water then hopped back on, and this is where my run turned bad.
    I couldn’t run it out at all.  My stomach was so queasy my eyes started swimming a little so I fast walked at 4.0 and 3% incline.  Determined to walk out at LEAST one more mile.  But walking is so boring.  In spite of my stomach clawing around, I clicked in 5.0 and slow jogged on an incline of 3.5%.  There was no letting myself off easy.  So last night I did 3.5 miles.
    My ab workout was cut short.  I only did 40 ab sets, but I did them with a 4lb medicine ball to make sure I was really digging in.  Then I went and worked my legs out.  45 reps.  The first 30, I set the leg press machine to 90lbs and the last 15 reps were at 110 lbs.  There are a variety of ways to use the leg press machine to optimize ones workout.  Maybe I’ll take my camera in some time and show you what I do.  My goal is to be able to press my body own body weight….shoot, I almost told you all how much I weigh….hahah.  Maybe someday, maybe someday.
    Then I did 20 arm reps.  Nothing special but I just wanted to make my workout feel like a workout.  It’s hard not to push yourself when you’re used to a certain rhythm in the gym.
    Today is CROSS-TRAINING day, which, for me, is yoga.  Hopefully, I’ll run another 2+ miles and then cool down with an hour of yoga.  Yoga is a runner’s dream.  Seriously.  I’m not a pro but I can tell you my body thanks me EVERY time…
    Silent cheerleaders, what are your plans to stay healthy and move this week?  Challenge yourself a little.  Do you run the dreadmill, too?  Do you have it on an incline?  Pump it up to 2% incline and feel the burn.
    8 Mar 2011, 4:13pm
    by Kathy McElhaney


    We are having BE-U-tiful weather! I've already run over 30 miles this week. Feeling a little insane here, but loving it!

    8 Mar 2011, 5:12pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Wow, there is no way I could possibly do that! I don't have enough time in the day. Uhg. Jealous. But I'm glad that you beautiful running weather, it gives me hope that my weather isn't too far off the horizon.

    8 Mar 2011, 7:36pm
    by Jana Floyd


    I am taking in some more cardio at the gym this week, running on the treadmill for my 5k training, and doing a spin class with my sister-in-law in Charlotte NC this weekend! Funnnn!


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