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  • There once was a four leafed clover

    who was stomped on by a dog named Rover…

    Just a silly little poem I snagged off the internet.  But, I can tell you that I so badly wanted to make a St. Patty’s day craft with my kids.  I searched and searched but wasn’t really impressed with anything.  And then, today I accidentally found one, HERE!  It was super easy and a lot of fun.
    We didn’t have the cool crafting paper she did so I just used good old-fashioned construction paper and told the kids to draw something on their piece.
    Drawing, cutting, painting and cool things like that usually happen when papa is around and Cy loves, loves doing all of it.  He’s gotten pretty good.  I used to gulp and hold my breath a lot when he first started handling the scissors, but I got used to it.  Sort of along the same lines of my cooking with kids heart attacks.
    Once they colored their papers, we cut little strips 1-in wide by 6-in long.
    I stapled the bottom.
    Folded them, two by two, away from each other to form a heart and then stapled them again.  Pretty soon we had a shamrock!  So cute.  I used felt to hang it from since I didn’t have any ribbon.
    And then, by request, it was hung amongst the stars.
    Not sure how well it fits up there or what shamrocks and the universe have to do with each other, but the kids loved it.
    I love doing things like this.  What are you doing tomorrow?  Cabbage and corned beef hash?  Or wishing there really was a pot of gold…

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