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    (spelling error duly noted)

    My son, as I have said time and time again, is full of it.  This morning as I was trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes and convince myself to start the day…because baby girl had a horrible night and I was plagued with some sort of stomach issue that had me rolling around until the wee hours of the morning, Cylas pops in the room with a huge, old Gingerbread house kit…from like two years ago.  And the reason I know it was from two years ago, is because my dad bought it around Christmas time in hopes of us making it.  Well, he bought two.  We made and ate the one.

    At first I glanced at it and said, “not now, Cylas, let mommy get dres…sed.”  Then I stopped.  Wait.  How did he get that??  It’s SUPPOSED to be in the tip top of our pantry.  Even I can barely get to it…

    I soon discovered just how he managed and I couldn’t even be mad, because he’s so stinkin’ resourceful!

    Because climbing on the chair and dragging out boxes of stuff that I have just stared at, too irritated to drag down myself, is so proactive.  But he didn’t just climb on the chair…

    He used his trusty “grabby” tool to help him get to the boxes that were juuuuust out of reach.  I think I need to watch my kids more closely.

    It’s Friday.  What’s a mother to do?

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