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  • First you take the peanuts and you squash ‘em, ya squash ‘em!

    Remember that old song, “peanuuuut, peanut butter and jelly!”  Yeah, I sing that every time I make those sandwiches and Cy is starting to learn it now.  Not only is he learning the song but he actually makes the sandwiches.  Without my help.  Yesterday was the first REAL spring like weather we’ve had and it’s nearly the middle of April.  Cylas would not let me rest until we had had a picnic, complete with chips, sandwiches, drinks and a blanket.  All his idea.

    So, we did.  He informed me that it was my duty to grab the blanket and drinks while he would “make the sandwiches.”  Fine by me.  We set out the blanket and the first thing he did was grab the poly-fil stuffed football and run around us in circles screaming, “Fooottbaalllll!”

    It was the messiest picnic, ever.
    They both fought over the chips, then Cy got mad and secretly tried to lace his sister’s sandwich with juice box juice.  I caught him.
    He also was a little heavy handed with the jelly…and Roma figured that wiping it in her hair would make it all go away.
    I was pulling out raspberry seeds for a while.

    We had a fabulous time yesterday.  I will think about the sunny skies and giggles of yesterday because today it’s stormy, windy and wet.

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