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  • A bad case of the "Grow Ups"

    Growing up can be so hard.  Really.  I remember wanting to stay young.  I don’t know why or what I was afraid of, but I didn’t want to be a “grown up” that’s all I knew. 
    What could be scarier than living on your own?  By that time, you should know how to cook, clean and hold a steady job.  O, and be able to live without your mother.  That was an unbearable thought for me at one point.  I digress.
    So Cylas is getting his first experience of “growing up”.  Remember my recent post on the bee-dee?  Well, the time has come for bee-dee to leave.
    Papa always seems to be the catalyst in these situations.  He came home from school one day and informed me that Cylas should really get rid of his bee-dee before he’s five.  Uh, that’s like, literally, a month away.

    Mentally, I scrambled to find a way to make my husband see how important this blanket was to Cylas and maybe we should take it away in increments instead of opting for the “cold turkey” approach.  My husband is hardcore.  Lots of tears were shed the first night.  There wasn’t any screaming, just quiet crying and repeated questions of where his bee-dee was.  HORRIBLE.  I felt like I was losing something!  Well, he got through the night, but the next morning his first question was, “mom, where’s bee-dee?!” 

    Rough morning.  Papa started getting hurt feelings because Cylas refused to speak to him or even hug him.  Then, they made a deal.  Cylas would get his bee-dee that night, but only for a little.  Overjoyed and Papa got a hug.  I hate this part of “growing up” with my children.  It will be hard seeing him fly around the house without his bee-dee cape, but it won’t be hard to open my freezer and know I will NOT be finding a bee-dee in it.  Yes, Cylas loved putting his bee-dee in the freezer to make it “cold, mama.”
    God only knows the torture in store for me when we finally take away Roma’s binky.


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