26 Apr 2011, 2:34pm
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  • Of Food And Love: Fruit Butt

    Honestly, I don’t think there was any other way to name this post.  Hah.  I’ll be talking about the newest addition to our taste pallet and the other part well, it’s not what you think it is, promise.

    The other day I was at the store and they were out of our favorite apple.  The Gala.  My kids really wanted apples and weren’t in the mood for our other favorite, Granny Smith, so I stood there trying to figure out which apple looked like the Gala and hoped that maybe it would taste similar.
    I wouldn’t suggest doing that with everything.  hah.  But I really lucked out when I spied the Pink Lady and grabbed up two.

    In our kitchen, at all times, you will find apples, bananas, oranges or grapefruit and some sort of berry, depending on the season, raspberry, blueberry or strawberry.  We go through bananas like monkeys because my children can’t eat their oatmeal, or Cream of Wheat without chunks of fresh banana mixed in.

    I have never given them sugar with these hot cereals and I don’t plan to.  No need to fuel their natural fires.

    The Pink Lady apple is even better than, dare I say it, the Gala.  It has crunch, which we love, super sweet and juicy with just a hint of tartness.  It’s the perfect combo.  They should have named it Granny Lady because it’s right in the middle of our two favorite tastes.  Try it.

    Spring is finally here and in a couple of months our raspberry bushes will be over flowing with their succulent berries.  Every year we harvest them, stuff our faces, jam a lot and freeze the rest.  Over the weekend D rummaged through our freezer and pulled out a batch from last year’s crop.  He made jam and it was so, so good.  I made buttermilk biscuits and we slathered the jam on thick.  I can’t wait to make more this year with the kids…

    Now, how to segue into the second half of this post.  I don’t have any corny intros…so, best just lay it all out.  Roma is two years and some months now, but doesn’t have much of a vocab, not like some of the other little ones her age.  If you’re a regular to my blog than you know about Cylas and his delayed speech.  He didn’t start truly speaking until well after three, closer to four.  Now, he is very articulate and quite the ham.  Roma, however, is speaking much earlier, but still with less of a vocab than most.  I’m not worried.

    So her latest word is “butt”.  It has nothing to do with body parts though.  She’s obsessed with the doorbell.

    Favorite fruits, anyone??  Fruit Butts?  Or any cute words from little mouths?
    26 Apr 2011, 2:56pm
    by jellybean_jp


    My niece Taliah who is 2.5 calls their resident groundhog a "broundhogger" hehe

    26 Apr 2011, 3:02pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Aw! Kids are so sweet with their own words.

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