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    Well, for beginnings, at least.  First letter of the alphabet and first day of operation Kindergarten.  Last Friday was Kindergarten registration and Cylas’ first look at his future school.  What a memorable day.  He had BOTH generations of grandfathers to accompany him.

    We walked in and they whisked him away to a corner table.  

    But right before they did I got in his eye and told him he better do the best he could (shame on me!), just like papa and mama had taught him.  He didn’t disappoint.

    The whole “registration” process took thirty minutes and ended with a very friendly teacher, Mrs. F, telling us how lovely it was to meet our son.  She gave us a brief, but incomplete, overview of his assessment and left me with the task of making sure he knew more of his letters come September.  At first, I felt like a horrible parent because my kid couldn’t recognize all of the letters and could only spell his name, but then I stopped beating myself up because my kid isn’t in pre-school like 90% of the other children.  He is at home with me, everyday, he is outside in the sand, or in the garden or building robots with his papa…I can’t feel bad about that.  And when she told me his level of comprehension for more complex words was impressive, that sealed it for me.  *whew*  Not such a bad mommy after all.

    And the fact he had his best gyampa ever there with him, made him super, super happy.

    So, now what.  After we left I determined to make Cylas sit with me every day and work on his letters.  Hence, “A is for Monday”!  We started our little class session today and he loved it!  It only took us ten minutes.  We did a project.

    An apple.  What do you know.

    Then we worked on writing upper and lower case A’s.

    Then his favorite part.  A book!  I decided that I would read him a book and have him identify the A’s throughout.

    Worked like a charm.

    He even re-read the book on his own….well, as much as a kid who can’t read could…

    This is only the beginning, we are going to do this every day (well, for this whole week because next week we’re on vacation) and I’ll be posting our progress.

    How do you teach your children at home?

    When I moved to the U.S. the first book I ever read was the book about the caterpillar :) I used it to identify letters with my mom as well :)

    I bought a really neat dry-erase board thing at Wal-Mart for like $5 that has the Alphabet, numbers, and shapes on it. And that is what I used for Dylan, and now Maddox, to practice writing letters and learned to write their names with. They think it's fun to write on and erase over and over again. It is made by The Board Dudes. http://www.boarddudes.com What you are doing is great though, we would read to Dylan and he would pick out letters and sight words. I think reading to them is one of the best ways of learning. Have fun!!

    That's so cute! He'll love kindergarten and you'll love the school! When Hudson started, you would have thought that I had never even showed him the alphabet and I was a little doubtful that his 22 year old teacher could teach him to read; well, I was sure proved wrong! It's just the best year! Enjoy it!


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