23 May 2011, 5:20pm
Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom life:


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  • Chronicles: Just call me — Stinky Mom Pee-pee Back

    Our trip back to California was fabulous.  As always.  Going home is just fun.  The first week, to be honest, I felt like I didn’t get enough in.  It was the second week that I was running around like a mad chicken meeting up with two and three people a day.

    We munched on Pinkberry.

    Played baseball and swam.

    And Roma ate her little Fudge-cicle until it slipped down her chin and got caught in her neck rolls.  The only way to eat a Fudge-cicle, right?

    Took the kids to my favorite bagel shop.  Noah’s.  Sam-creeee!!  (Cy’s word for cream cheese)

    Played with buddies from church.

    Went on walks with old friends and ate delicious food.

     photo courtesy of Cylas
    photo courtesy of Cylas
    Cylas requested this photo with Katie :) )
     Tower makes THE best desserts!
    Cylas fishing road side after our Tower lunch…

    And celebrated with my little sis on her graduation from CSUS. (on which I will put up a completely separate post)

    Now, to explain my title.  Our flight back was nothing short of exciting…as always.  Why do I always have some type of semi-traumatic but hilariously funny-after-the-fact story to share??  Our adventure started even before we left the house.  Roma soiled out her clothing in a disastrous poopy blow out.  Thank God it was at my mom’s house, right as we were walking out the door and not at the airport… But, fast forward forty minutes ahead and I’m standing in line with my mom and sister, the lady at the counter trying to help us check in, Roma on my back in my Ergo Baby (NEVER leave home on long trips without it), Cylas messing with the luggage and suddenly there is a very…warm sensation on my back, that I shouldn’t be feeling, considering Roma has a Pull-up on.  HAH.  I bought the cheap kind and she might of well have been wearing a loin cloth for all the good it did.
    I just stared the ticket lady in the eye and whispered, “I think she just peed on me.”  Of course, she couldn’t hear me and loudly asked me to repeat myself, fortunately, my sister and mom came to my aid and rushed the little pee-pee baby off the restroom to change her.  (I ALWAYS carry an extra change of clothing in my purse).  Shoot.  So, now my back up set of clothing are already gone and I’m not even on the plane!
    And yes, she did soil the next pull-up out, and no, I did not have an extra set of clothing…good times, priceless memories.  Once we landed, the kids were beside themselves knowing that their papa would be waiting to pick us up.  They love their papa.
    Perfect trip with the perfect ending.


    you are such a good mommy . . . . there are reasons I am not a mommy yet!

    7 Jun 2011, 6:46pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Heh. Oh, my. Sometimes I do not feel so good as a mommy. I keep thinking I should have more patience than I do. But you grow! that's the best part…


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