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  • Of Food And Love: A Graduate.

    As promised, my completely separate post on my sister’s graduation…what fun!

    I was going to label this “The Graduate”…but Dustin Hoffman has nothing to do this and neither does Mrs. Robinson.

    My little sister is front and center for this post.  Hard work.  Rough times.  Poor, starving student.  The whole stressful sack of student woes.  But she made it.  She is the third person in our line to graduate with a degree.  She has a B.M, Bachelor of Music.  The first of our family to have graduated was our Uncle David.  He set the tone and we followed.  He has always been extremely supportive of us and helpful in our academic dreams.  I remember when I was still in junior college he paid for my books, more than once.  That was huge for me.  I wouldn’t have been able to go to school otherwise.  Thank you Uncle D.

     (My mom, Uncle D, little bro, Sister #1, Sister #2, and moi)

    As for my sister, not three days after her graduation she was informed of her acceptance into the Master’s program at the college.  Wow.  And now, she’ll be the first in our family to obtain a Master’s.
    After her ceremony on Friday we all skipped downtown to one of her all time favorite restaurants, Hot Italian.   They have the best as-close-to-European-style pizza, ever.  The place is open and roomy, loud, stylish…and the food is crazy good.

     Check out that massively huge fan on the left!
    I was eyeballing #02 but ended up taking #04.  Delish.  Otherwise known as the Margarita pizza.

    I’ve been there a couple of times, but I’m still tickled pink by things like their water casks…

    Their spritely looking soda pops
    My pizza.  Yes, this whole thing was mine.  It’s an individual pizza.  Kind of amazing, in so many ways.
    And this piece of pizza artwork was stinking fabulous.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t mine but my neighbors, I stole a few leaves of that delcious-ness.  The orange little cubes under the salad were pumpkin!
    Wow.  Totally reliving this evening again…yum and awesome.
     Completely and totally awkward, but mandatory, whose idea was it to take this photo anyway?!?

    Friday we watched her walk and Saturday afternoon we celebrated with a perfectly planned lunch.  The decorations were all her.  A world traveler, several times over, she showcased some of her photos, mementos and in general gave the off feel of a quaint cafe on the Italian Riviera.

    Open-faced baguette sandwiches
    A lovely spread of cheeses and other yummy toppings
    Fresh lemon bars
    Her famous hand-dipped, chocolate covered strawberries
    The happy, fresh cut flowers all around set the ambiance into the perfect European cocktail.  Our good friend Kim was the mastermind behind the arrangements.  She’s awesome.
    My mom wrangled in all the small children and played Cy’s favorite card game, Crazy Eights.
    I’m very fond of peaceful gatherings that include family and friends and this totally took the cake.  Proud of you little sis!

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