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    While the kids and I were away in Cali, D stayed here in PA to work…and garden!  He did a fabulous job.  Pulling weeds and planting, although his methods were a little archaic they seemed to have worked.  When he told me that he planted tomatoes, I was excited.  We love tomatoes and have done some pretty cool things with them in the past.  This year, D decided to go old school, or his OWN school of planting.  He took a rotten tomato, pulled the seeds out, stuffed them into the ground, placed a brick by it so he would know where it was, crossed his fingers and hoped the green thumb fairies would make them sprout.  (this is what I meant by “archaic”)

    They did!!

    It has taken us four years to get the hang of gardening.  The first year was so overwhelming and our garden was an embarrassment.  It’s MUCH more than just pulling weeds, although that is three-quarters of the battle.  A battle that I immediately lost, because of how huge my stomach was, pregnant with Roma, and just in general not really into it.  I was into the idea of gardening but not actually gardening.  Fail.

    But this year, for some reason, I have found myself out in that garden two to three times a week, pulling weeds and tending to those precious little plants.  Our garden has a lot of weeds left to be pulled, but it looks amazing compared to our other attempts.  Like…the last three years of attempts.  Horrible.  D and I are working hard and spend a good two hours each week enjoying each others company while plucking up those soil suckers.

    This year, once again, we have sour spinach.  A family favorite.  And we decided that we’re taking this plant back to Cali with us.  It makes fabulous soups and Cylas is in love with it.

    A mysterious plant…we’re thinking it’s zucchini, it’s growing rapidly and, uhm, we didn’t plant it.  Last year we had four HUGE zucchini plants that managed to find themselves growing in our manure pile.  They were the biggest squashes I’d ever seen.
    We also have corn!  A first, and a little exciting.   Originally, D planted three rows and only two little seedlings sprouted.  But a couple weeks later, we’re looking at at least eight healthy stalks and lots of shucking.
    Oh, and our all time favorite.  Raspberries!  They are growing so well.  The bees are pollinating and buzzing like crazy.  I think every family should have raspberries in their garden, or at least, growing in their backyard.  Making jam is one of our favorite cooking projects.  Then, I’ll make mounds and mounds of crepes and we stuff our faces for days.  Literally.  They are too good.  I promise I’ll do a post on crepes!
    Now, on to the fungus.  If you haven’t discovered by now, D is a very organic, curious, and chill soul.  (odd words but that is what he is)  He came into possession of the WEIRDEST piece of fungus.  A Tibetan White Mushroom.  They are quite rare and only sold, as far as we’ve found, online from a place in England.  Well, we have one, sitting in our house, in our window sill.  
    He makes homemade keifer from it.  Not sure if any of you are familiar with keifer, but in Russian households it’s a staple drink.  
    Sour, comes in different flavors, but best homemade and FULL of live cultures and pro-biotics.  Talk about a way to super boost the immune system.  
    He takes a jar of milk.
    Heats it to room temperature.
    Then puts that piece of fungus mushroom in it.  Lets it set for 24 hours…
    and ends up with this.  Curdled, sour, slightly smelly milk. Obviously, since this sounds so appetizing I know you all are going to hit the internet running, looking for this curdly piece of fungus, right?
    Bottoms up anyone??
    What is the most organic experience you’ve ever had?  Using a piece of fungus to create a drink, eating only raw foods, experimenting with different, unusual vegetables or foods?  Do tell!
    2 Jun 2011, 8:49pm
    by Heidi Lucille


    Your garden looks great, and everything looks delicious! Well, honestly – except for that last bit about the fungus milk. ;o)

    2 Jun 2011, 8:56pm
    by Heidi Lucille


    I posted twice…oops!


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