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    We’ve slowly gotten back on track with his “schooling”.  Our visit to California took us for a twist.  Yesterday we worked on the letter “F”.  But, the fun part is that I have little workbooks now, thanks to my dad.  He bought them for Cy’s birthday and Cylas loves them.  A little more structured and organized.

    But what made yesterday’s lesson really special was the book we read.  
    A gift from a friend who lives across the ocean blue in Australia.  She is one of the most intelligent, determined and giving people I know.  This book was one of several little goodies she sent to our kids.  And they love it.  Roma stares at the pictures for minutes at a time and then starts babbling…no doubt telling a story.  And who wouldn’t?  These pictures are amazing.
    They remind me of Daniel Merriam’s work.  There is so much detail and each picture tells a thousand stories.
    Cylas couldn’t wait to read the page with the letter “F”.
    He worked really hard on his letter today.  My son amazes me.  Although his energy rivals that of several hyper-active squirrels, his resolve to learn these letters is admirable.  He chastised Roma a few times telling her to be quiet so he could “focus”.  Good boy!
    op! there went his concentration!
    My aim is to make sure he is not behind at all when enters Kindergarten, but ahead, or shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the kids.  Nothing like feeling left out and frustrated because you don’t understand what is going on.
    we’ve started numbers, too!
    Roma is just as interested in learning as Cylas is.  
    She will sit by, eager and blurting out the “answers” every letter is either “A” or “E”.
    Oh, and she loves Animalia….

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