15 Jun 2011, 1:00pm

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    I really, really hate guilt.  It is so unforgiving and takes a lot out of you…especially when you shouldn’t feel guilty — oh, and being ashamed is right up there with guilt.  How did those feelings get so twisted and manage to attach themselves to parts of our lives without a REAL cause?
    The only time one should feel guilt or shame is when they have done something wrong.  How many of us feel guilty about things in our lives and can’t really explain why?  There is just an unexplainable heaviness about situations and a lot of doubt in the belief system you’ve created for yourself.
    Thinking about all the time I’ve wasted feeling this way makes me mad!  It means that I need to take a deeper look inside and shore up my belief in myself.
    If I know something is right, then I need to stick by it and not waver for someone else and their very strong opinion.  It’s THEIR opinion (unless there is irrefutable proof they are right) I can’t get caught in their mental web.  It’s confusing and a complete waste of time…

    Leave me alone guilt and shame, there is no room for you here!

    Just something that has been on my mind.
    15 Jun 2011, 5:48pm
    by Jana Floyd


    This blog post reminds me of a verse: There is therefore no condemnation, unto them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit. Romans 8:1


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