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    About three months ago, I heard the most amazing concept.  “Don’t buy food that can last over two weeks in your fridge.”  It was so enlightening and inspiring that ever since I have been weeding out my fridge and diligently buying accordingly. 

    This is what our fridge looks like now:

    Not sure if there will ever be a day where the ever present glass-filled-with-water will disappear.  It’s essential.  It reminds me that I need to empty it at least eight times a day.
    Yes, I do have my guilty pleasures.  Every once in a while I grab a chocolate milk, but all too often I only get a few sips before it’s gone.  Thanks to my little boy…
    We love yogurt, fresh fruits and homemade keifer.  These strawberries are from a local farmer, the blueberries, well, we bought those at the store.  Either way, a couple of our favs.  D uses some of the strawberries to add to his keifer, for the kids.  They love it.
    Leftovers.  Broccoli rabe and pasta
    And of course, buttermilk.  Not going to lie.  I lOVE me some biscuits and pancakes.  If I didn’t make buttermilk pancakes, I would lose my status as “The best mom, ever”, in a blink.  Cylas is demanding like that.
    Dairy is a weakness of ours.  We eat more eggs than I’d like to admit, 
    drink more milk than a human should…
    and we love cheese.  Thank goodness none of us are lactose intolerant.
    It’s juice or water in this house.  No soda.  Wait, is Ginger Ale soda?  Cylas love his “ginger brow”.
    Yes, more fresh picked strawberries and then some cherries.
    Moving down into the crisper we have salads for souvlaki, dinner, dips…you name it.  We eat it and love it.  OH, and more fruit…those sneaky little grapes.
    And last but not least…potatoes and onions, something we could NOT live without.  I use both, literally, on a daily basis.  Red potatoes.  Sweet organic onions. *yum*
    What’s in your fridge??  Do you have rules, too?  I love keeping my family healthy.  We educate our children on what they are eating and the benefits of what they are eating.  It starts on the family table and will help them as they grow older.

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