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  • Of Food And Love: Everyone should have a raspberry bush

    Remember when I posted on our garden?  And how sweet those little plants were in their infancy?  Well, holy manure…look at them now!

    No longer cute little green stubs.

    But a MASSIVE overpowering presence in the garden.  I love it.  I’m already stocking up on zucchini recipes, because LAWD knows I’m going to need some good ones.

    This is one plant.

    We give a lot of our harvest away as well.

    There will be plenty of tomatoes to gather from the eight or so plants.  Gracious.  I don’t even want think about how fast I’m going to have to cook them to keep up with the crop.  This is where I wish I could tap into some of the super Amish woman powers around here.  It would be very helpful.

    As I’ve said before, I think everyone should have a raspberry bush, especially if you have kids, because they are so much fun.  There is nothing more entertaining than watching my babies skulk through the bushes, peering under leaves to find those plump berries.  They pop them into their mouths like candy.

    We have two different kind of raspberry.  Not too sure of the species name but here is an example of the size difference between the two.  And they’re both delicious.

    And of course, there is our ever faithful, sturdy sour spinach.  Or, щавель, as my children know it.  It has survived quite a few re-plantings, rogue children plucking at its leaves and sneaky rabbits.  Very resilient.  Ugly.  But worth having around.

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