8 Jul 2011, 1:30pm

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  • This Weekend: Be Spontaneous

    For as difficult as it is to be spontaneous in general, it is twenty times as hard with children.  When you’re young and haven’t a serious care in the world it’s much easier.  I miss those days.
    We were spontaneous this week.  Around 4pm my phone rang, and it was D suggesting we go to the local lake.  BAm. Previous plans shattered.  Coming down off my really successful 5k I was totally looking forward to my workout.  Scratch those grand, sweaty ideas.  I even had dinner in the oven.  I had started around 2:30 in hopes of getting in a 5 mile run and an hour of Body Pump. 

    Cylas got wind and, ever the planner, immediately ran to gather all of his favorite beach items. 

    His excitement is something akin to a small crazed animal.  
    Baked chicken drumsticks, fried potatoes, broccoli, sticky fingers and smiling faces.  Dinner.  Then we were off to swim. 

    I enjoyed watching Cylas.  Happy feet and happy sounds.

    Roma started out the adventure asleep, but woke up and decided to join the fun.

    Watermelon and chubby cheeks

    Be Spontaneous!

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