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  • Of Food And Love: First Summer Swim

    At least — it was myfirst swim of the summer.  The kids have been a few times, but my days have been spent indoors, most of the time, doing mommy-ish things.  Yesterday I decided that enough was enough. I packed up a little picnic and headed off to our friend’s house to swim.

    I discovered that my little girl wants to swim.  And not with her floaties either.

    She literally wanted me to drop her and let her touch bottom.  RIGHT.  Wasn’t going to do that at all.  The closest she got to “swimming” on her own was me giving her a little dunk now and then. She was laughing, gasping and coughing.  She loved it.

    Cylas was no joke either.  This kid was cannonballing into the shallow end.  And by the end of our three hour stay he was swimming.  Like, legit swimming.  I was so proud of him.

    He told me that I needed to run, jump and twist into the pool.  I told him he was crazy.

    We dunked and jumped, swam and splashed our afternoon away.  And I didn’t even care that my towels were still in the wash.  As a matter of fact, not once did they cross my mind.

    I was thoroughly involved with my precious moments. The towels in the wash and the crumbs on my kitchen floor could wait.

    Three hours and four shades darker later…we ended our sun-shiney day with Veggie Tacossss.  Our Tuesday was the best.

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