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  • Paper Bows and Peter Pan

    We have a lot of art supplies.  When D first went to college, his major was graphic design.  That was years ago.  Our art supply is varied and perfect for the kids to play around with.  Of course, there are some pencil sets that are off limits and paints that are too expensive for little fingers to fiddle with.  But for the most part, Cylas can dig around and pull out whatever he wants and start crafting.
    Papa is the artist and creative mind behind most of our family projects.  Rockets, robots, swing sets…you name it.  Cylas has started showing signs of being just as creative.  The other day he dug out a bunch of old newspapers and made a huge bow.

    He liked it under his chin, on top of his head and on the back of his neck.

    Roma didn’t like it at all.  Anywhere.

    Finally, bored with the bow and Roma’s absolute distaste for his creative genius he made a hat.

    A Peter Pan style hat.   All on his own!  D has made several hats with Cylas, so I’m sure this is how the hat turned out near to perfect.

    He told me it was his pirate hat.

    Jumping on the bed, laughing at his cool hat.  Happy he made something for himself to play with.

    A little nervous, because if this kid turns out to have the mind of his papa, I am in for quite a time.  I just know that I’m going to pull up to my house one day and all the doors and windows will start opening and closing at will because my child rigged them up to a motor, or something crazy like that.
    But for now, be creative my little boy, let your imagination run wild, like the wind.

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