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    How does your house feel?  What vibes roll up and down the floors and under the area rugs?  What sounds float through the air?  Good, bad?  Lazy, hard working?  Screams of anger, laughter?  Ahh, how the *feel* of our home can affect our mind and the receptiveness to correction or instruction or anything productive, for that matter. 
    Our children are used to seeing me clean.  It’s sort of like, to be expected.  Cylas knows that if he makes a mess that he needs to clean it up, or he’ll inform me that a mess was made and SOMEbody needs to clean it up.  How many times have I found Roma with my spray bottle and a rag in hand scrubbing at the floors and walls.  Too many.  But it’s ok!  I take her hand and help her scrub.  I’ll squirt the rag, hand it to her and we work together.  The *feel* in our house is busy, happy and peaceful. 
    The day starts with me clinking around in the kitchen making breakfast, waiting for my babies to get up.  After breakfast, we clean up and rest for a bit.  Lately, we’ve been doing school with Cylas.  He loves it. 
    Throughout the day we busy ourselves with little projects and lots of “us” time.  Me and the babies.  Them around my ankles as I clean up the kitchen or chop veggies for dinner.  My toes being stepped on as they try to help me make our bed or fold the laundry. 
    We’re a little unit.  We move around the house like a Ruumba.  It’s funny. 
    All this “working together”, though, makes for a good, wholesome atmosphere that they will hopefully try to recreate when they are on their own.  They both have their own preferences, cleaning and general. 

    Roma: her hands MUST be clean at all times, no exceptions and she must have at least two layers of clothing on ALWAYS including a puffy skirt, at times she will insist on vacuuming.  

    Cylas:  He has to be wearing something Spiderman-ish(underwear, shirt, mask, sandals, watch…the list is ENDless).  His room must be clean (this desire varies and is stronger at other times), he goes through phases where he will do the dishes without being asked(this is a VERY messy undertaking), he enjoys vacuuming his room.  Oh, and he likes to prepare fresh snacks for when we run our errands: fresh fruit, cold water and possibly some Sun Chips.

    To be fair, I should say that we’re constantly picking up.  My house is by no means spotless.  It is clean, but a stray web can be found here and there and pockets of dust I missed.  Hah, yeaaah, I would be lying if I presented my house as being perfectly clean.  Sometimes I drive myself a little nuts with all the cleaning and picking up and I take a day off.  And since it’s summer, I take a day off and sit by the pool.  We pack a picnic, grab our suits and chill.  I like those days.  And I like the atmosphere, too.

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