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  • We sailed the ocean blue

    And found a band of salty pirates…

    Saturday night was a night on the town.  My father and grandfather were in for the weekend which made our evening all the more special.  D found out about a play a few weeks back and we decided it was a must see for us.
    Come on, who doesn’t love a good pirate story?  We do.  And Cylas most certainly does.  *insert appropriate piratey noises here*

    We invited his good buddy, Pasha, along.  Memories for a lifetime.  We tried to dress a little pirate-ish…wearing stripes and all.  Roma was the one who figured polka-dots were more her thing.  It worked.

    The play was very well put together and flowed perfectly.  The kids were engaged the whole time.  Of course, there was the to-be-expected chatter from the boys and I overheard Cylas ask Pasha, “would you walk that plank?”  They both wanted someone to walk the plank so badly they couldn’t stand it.  The poor landlover, the main character, was seconds away from walking the plank but was saved by some kindhearted pirates…if there had been a tomato to throw, both Cy and Pasha would have chucked it on stage.  They wanted death for the landlover!

    Some of the jokes were silly and juvenile enough for them to understand and they were tickled pink with giggles.  Their favorite line was, “Stand back! Or “bedtime bear” will be “DEADtime bear”.  The landlover had the pirate’s bedtime bear in a choke with a large sword raised, ready to run it through.   Oh, man, if I could have recorded their giggles.

    Us after the play. And my brother Sky giving his best pirate impression

    After, we skipped over to local ice cream parlor and cooled off with shakes, icees and cones.

    Our kids sitting on a HUGE cow outside — blocking the sign that says “NO sitting or leaning on cow”
     We love, love, love the theatre and all it brings us.  Not sure there will ever be a time when the theatre and all its arts will not be a part of our family.

    Oh! And before I let you all go…some pirate humor to make you smile.

    What do you get when you cross a zucchini with a pirate?   :: A squashbuckler::
    How much does a pirate pay for an ear of corn?  :: A buckaneer::
    Happy Monday!!
    25 Jul 2011, 4:22pm
    by SheGazelle


    I need to know where you guys found D's rockin' striped shirt!

    25 Jul 2011, 8:07pm
    by East Coast-er Momma


    H&M :) )


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