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  • May I introduce you all to Gumby.

    I hope I’m not the only one who remembers so fondly Gumby and his sidekick Pokey.  My dad bought both of the characters for me when I was a little girl.  Shoot.  Them suckers would be worth a bit of money if I still had them!

    Oh, but, Cylas…if I wasn’t his mother, I would think him strange.  My son has Gumby-esque qualities.  It’s sort of unbelievable.  During his last session at Jujitsu, his teacher could hardly keep the smile off his lips as Cy’s little legs went above his head in a roundhouse kick.  This kid is no joke.

    Yesterday, after school, we took some time to practice his Jujitsu moves.  A little bit of stretching.


    We practiced back-falls then he decided to do his own, dangerous version, of a flip.

    The splits…one of his favorite things to do.

    Roma was enthusiastic.  Her little legs wriggling around trying to copy her big brother.

    Cy is very serious about his Jujitsu.  I can’t wait until he has tournaments.  Those are going to be something else.  Whipping around in circles, falling, arm bars, triangle holds…scary.  My kid is going to be a small, portable weapon.  One that sits, strapped in a car seat in my van, burps and giggles, eats weeds, enjoys catching toads and chasing girls and still cries when he skins his knees — oh, and a lot better than a Gumby.

    He should be a jujitsu and yogi master :)

    Cylas never ceases to amaze me!! And, yes, I remember Gumby and Pokey! My nickname in elementary school was Gumby. Yep, you guessed it, I was lanky and flexible! hehehe…funny how things change! Love your stories!


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