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  • The Elixir of Life

    I remember reading The Trumpeter of Krakow, when I was in high school.  It was a fabulous book and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading good literature.  That’s where I learned the term “elixir of life”.  It’s great phrase and very applicable to most of life’s problems involving stupidity.

    “But,” persisted the student, “you seek the elixir of life, do you not?”
    “No,” answered the alchemist, “although in regard to it I admit that I have much curiosity.  If it is true that all things are subject to change, then one might change from old to young as well as from young to old if one could find the laws to reverse the process of life.  And as to this I do not doubt that the restorer of youth can be found.  Yet I am not interested as are those who have lived vain lives and hope to do better if life may be relived.”
    Ah, yes, some people seek this illusive elixir and when they cannot find it, their immaturity takes over.  The proverbial cupboards fly open, the mixing and stirring begin to create this “thing” that will give them answers.  How dumb.  I’m sorry, but really.  Why don’t you just let life happen?  Quit trying to direct it here and there and everywhere.  That is not to say, “do not have a plan”.  HAVE a plan, but for crying out loud, leave certain things alone.  There are spaces in our lives that must not be touched by our meddling eager hands. 
    And, there are spaces we must not go, for if we do, it will ruin a good thing.  *sigh*  Yeah, I’m pretty happy right about now for the extra layer of skin I’ve grown since living here.  Seems like there will never be enough hurt or pain in the world until finally it just all stops.  Something happens in the universe, a star blinks for the last time and then, it’s time, time for all the *bad* in the world to go away.
    Yet again, someone has thrown open their cupboard in search of the “elixir” and instead of waiting for it they made up their own version…wrong mixture my friend…wrong mixture, and you just ruined a good thing.

    Let’s all hold on just a little longer until the time is right, ok?  No use messing up the bigger picture for your stunted version of reality.

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