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    If you’re a mom, and this thought hasn’t flitted through your mind ONCE I might call you a liar…maybe.

    But, I’m being honest.  This thought has gone through my mind and more so, just recently. 

    I think


    That sounds so, bad.  I mean, it’s like sacrilege to all stay-at-home-moms.  But, I told you that I’m being honest so, just hear me out and then forget everything I’ve written.
    My house irritates me when it gets messy.  It’s nothing a good two hour cleaning can’t handle but still.  My mood takes a dip south and I start snapping at people.  For those who don’t know, I make these cute PUnk MOnkeys and they take up a lot of my time.  With kids, it takes me close to three days to make one.  Without kids and uninterrupted.  About three hours.  How do I know that?  I had D help me out.  I told him to watch the kids while I timed myself.  Warp speed folks.  Warp speed.
    POW.  Then I was overwhelmed with this sneaky thought, what if I had someone to follow my kids around and pick up their messes?  Oh, heavenly days. 

    Ok, so, maybe what I really want isn’t a nanny but a human-picker-upper.  That’s sounds better.  I love my babies, but I need more hours in my day.  Less cleaning and more stitching.

    This is me.  being completely honest.  Over and out.

    Oh my word, I am SO WITH YOU!! I homeschool my 5 and I totally absolutely DEPEND on my house cleaner who only comes every other week! So, I get a text this am at 7:30.."so sorry Ms Tina can't come today" Yeah,,snappy would have been a nice word to describe me!!!
    Thanks for keeping it real!

    Oh yeah we tried out the noodle sour cream casserole…BIG hit!! Thanks

    20 Aug 2011, 2:54am
    by East Coast-er Momma


    Oh, man. I would bake a thousand cookies just to have a house keeper. Seriously. *groan* and I'm not fond of baking….hah.

    SO glad to hear that the sour cream bake was a tummy tickler!! We love it. And I love it because it's easy!

    Misha, you are not alone! My mood is directly affected by the condition of my home. I am well pleased when it is clean and maintained (and everyone does their share of cleaning)but when it isn't, well, I am a different creature. My kids know when the house is out of control, don't think about asking to do anything fun :) . Last week, when I had enough, I wrote on their easel "Marquez Family Boot Camp" and printed out a cleaning list! The troops were dragging at first but they came around when they realized I was very serious! Awesome, genuine post!


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