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    Feeling a little nostalgic today.

    I think that “true” friends are very much taken for granted.  We all think we have them, but soon discover not everyone is “true” friend material.  Boo.  But let me tell you now, finding that one friend, or two, who will ride out any situation with you is one of the best feelings in the world.  I’m really counting my blessings today for the people in my life who know how to keep your confidence, send you a little pick-me-up note, push you through your weak moments, tell you like it is — with love, know who you are and what you’re made of…

    So many people, I’ve found, have a limit on their friendship.  Eventually, they decide to give up and choose to see the negative or choose to believe a misguided word.  How many times have these unfortunate situations ruined a beautiful budding relationship?  *sigh*  My Sunday school teacher once shared that “a man is lucky to have five true friends in his life”.  How hard that was for me to see while I was young.  I mean, shoot, I had friends for a dime a dozen.  We played Barbies, house, cowboys and Indians.  They were my friends, right?  Only good friends let you wear their clothes or give you a fresh pair of underwear when you forgot to bring yours to the sleepover…

    Time tells and reveals so much about the character of mankind.  So fickle and flighty.  So conditional and critical.  Good luck finding a brother who will stand by you through the storm. 

    Today, I am thankful for the few people I have in my life who have never questioned my character or integrity.  They know me in such a deep way.  They accept my faults and work with me.  They have a smile, a nudge or a whisper to keep me focused.  They see the good in me.  They see the good.  Shame, shame on those who enjoy finding the faults of their brother.  Shame.  Don’t tear down.  Lift up your brother in his weakened state, for if you don’t, you are no better than he in his folly…

    Extend a hand.

    Thank you to all of my childhood friends and thank you to those who came into my life in my early twenties.  You are the people who have helped me to become who I am today.

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