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    Last night I dreamed that a baby chick busted out of its shell.  But that shell was in my mucking boot.  So, I had a little peep, peeping at me, all wet and scared, fresh out of his little egg shell.  *dreamy music stops*

    Uhg!  I’m not crazy, though.  Because we almost have peeps!  After two years of having chickens and not a one of them going broody, we finally got a brooder.  She has been sitting on those eggs for almost a month. 

    Saturday, D went out to the coop with the kids and started making her a nest on the floor.

    Right now her nest is about five feet above the ground.  Not safe for little peepers.  So, we called around to the neighboring farms to find more hay.  Only $3 for a bale… a steal.

    He cleaned off the roost and made way for the new hay.

    The prospect of having yellow little fuzzies running is more than Cylas can handle.  My sweet little babies can’t wait for the baby chicks, so Papa decided to show them how far along the babies were in those eggs.

    Flashlight + eggs = Magic!

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