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  • Of Food And Love: Natural Springs

    The further I go into this whole “healthy living” kick, the funner it gets.  (funner? a word? not sure, but it works)  I have mentioned, time and time again that our goal as parents is to make sure we introduce our children to a healthy way of eating and an educated relationship with the food they choose to eat.  I am sure there are foods we could cut out, but haven’t…the one that comes to mind, consistently, is mayonnaise.  I’m theeeees close to making my own.  I mean, really close.
    Ok, fine, it’s probably going to show up on my blog within the next couple of weeks.

    Yesterday we took the kids to a natural springs. 

    D and I have been chewing on this idea for a while.  Wouldn’t it be cool to get water and store it?  We already buy filtered water and go through gallons of it quicker than we should, why not start saving all of our juice bottles…


    After six months of randomly saving our bottles and then pointedly saving them, we made the trip.  Cylas insisted on packing books, toys and paper to draw on…anything.  It was like a miniature vacation or something. 

    Pulling out on the main road D says quietly, “Uh, Mish, I don’t.remember.how.to.get.there.” WHaaG?  Not cool.  I can barely remember what road we live off of, let alone some random springs on the side of the freeway.  Fifteen minutes down the road we pulled over to ask a man in his fruit stand.  Yes, we were headed the right direction.  And “have a good day”.

    We drove close to 40 minutes to get there.

    It was raining lightly, but we had the overhang of trees helping out.  Cylas was on 4-wheel drive the whole time and totally excited about the water, the bugs, the trees, and cool slippery things like this salamander.

    Roma pattered around and hopped on papa’s back a few times while he was filling the containers.

    Or, mine…

    We made sure our juice bottles had been thoroughly rinsed with water, then baking soda and water, and finally another water rinse.  So what if we’re drinking at our own risk.  At least we know the bottles are clean, right?

    No, the water tasted amazing.

    And people frequent this spot on a regular basis.  Ask anyone in the neighboring towns where the “springs are” and they’ll know what you’re talking about.  We left there with 30 gallons of fresh, spring water.  No filtering, no dye, no funky cleaning process, none of that.  And I’m really, realllllyyy picky when it comes to drinking water.  This stuff is the real deal.

    The kids had fun.

    They explored with papa and it was just what we needed on a rainy Labor Day.  A quiet family trip. It took only an hour and a half.  We didn’t spend a dime, but the kids had a blast.  It was refreshing, too.

    How did you spend your Labor Day?


    That is so cool! As for the mayonnaise. Andrew’s Aunt makes her own. When I get it from her. I will send it to you.

    Fun! I love the picture where Roma is trying to pull hoody over Davids face. Lol.


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