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  • Sewing: The Olivia dress

    I became obsessed with Olivia some time last year.  We do not have a one of her books, but I’ve read enough and flipped through pages and pages of that little piglet’s adventures to know that she’s irresistible.

    My little girl will be turning three this year and I want to her to have an Olivia-esque party.  Stripes and all.  I took Olivia and used her as the inspiration for this dress.  I had to use a pattern so it isn’t a completely original idea (because I am not a pro and when you see these photos you will wholeheartedly agree), but I did modify it, giving it my own twist.  I didn’t follow the pattern to a T because I wanted the general idea, not the exact replica.

    My fabric choice excited me.

    Now, the pattern said “easy”, but I think it lied.  Or, maybe it was telling the truth and it would have been easier for someone who had taken lessons from a professional.  Of which, I am not one such person.  A sweet Mennonite lady, named Ethel, donated nearly six months of her wintery Saturday mornings to me and there is where I learned the basics of sewing.  But, now, I’m on my own.  So, no, this wasn’t “easy”.  

    I recently learned the art of sewing a “slip stitch”, or a “blind hem”.  YouTube is golden.
    It allowed me to sew the top to the skirt without a visible stitch.

    I’ve been using this particular stitch for quite some time, so I was tickled to know that I had a little practice under my belt for this.

    There were so many errors with this dress that I have decided it will be used as a play dress and a new one will be made.  Sounds mean, but once you see the horrible flaws, you will agree.

    First of all, the fact this dress makes Roma look like she had too many cupcakes.  The fabric on top was too lightweight and tended to crawl up the tulle.  Also, the shoulders.  This pattern was SO confusing and I made the lining of the back panel smaller than the bodice panel, so it didn’t match up…gross.  So, basically the width of the shoulder strap on the back did not match the width of the shoulder strap on the bodice.  When I make this again, that won’t be an issue.

    The dress, in general, is cute and fun. 

    I didn’t make the pants I just used a pair she had.  I can free hand a pair of pants any time, which I will do for the next dress because I want a certain color and style. I’m happy that I made this dress, because it was the most technically difficult garment I’ve ever sewn.  I’ve never made anything with a lining.  It really takes the garment to the next level.  I took the time to snip and cut in all the corners and edges so it would lay nicely.  I pressed the bodice when instructed.  It makes a huge difference!

    So, here it is!  Flaws and all.  It was a great learning experience and I can’t wait to give this another shot.

    12 Sep 2011, 1:26pm
    by Cheri Robinson


    Practice makes perfect! ;) I’m about to start sewing lessons…I’ve never used a sewing machine ever, in my whole life, so we’ll see how it goes…

    Love the “Olivia” party theme! :)

    12 Sep 2011, 1:32pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Yes, it does and boy, what a “practice” session this was. I’m slightly embarrassed to post all of my blatant flaws, but it motivates me to do better.
    Sewing lessons? Awweesome! You will feel like a super woman once you start sewing. hahah. Power of the machine :)


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