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  • Lunch Foodie: Fruit Skewers

    What to put in my son’s lunch.

    In contrast to a lot of parents who choose to let their children eat from the cafeteria, I have chosen to make my son’s lunches.  Everyday.  Not much different than if he were at home, right?

    The whole point of making my son’s lunch is insuring that I definitely know what my son is ingesting.  We don’t have a strict diet, per say, but we do have a reasonably healthy one.  Someone asked me the other day what my children eat.  The more I started naming, the more I realized that my children do not eat a “typical American diet”.  We don’t have sugar cereals, bags of chips (we do buy tortilla and Sun chips), bags of fruits snacks, candy, soda pop, kool-aid, lunch meat, tv dinners…the list goes on.

    This morning, my son’s lunch consisted of goldfish crackers and fresh strawberries for snack; and for lunch he has a chicken sandwich, I cooked chicken and shredded it, Sun chips and Gala apple slices.

    I’m not saying every parent has the time or resources to do what I have chosen, but it’s worth the effort.  If there are only two days a week that lunches can be packed — pack them!

    I got a call from his teacher around the start of the school year and we were discussing his progress and addressing my concerns for his education.  Toward the end of our conversation his teacher said, “You really go all out for his snacks!  All of the kids wanted his snack.”  I felt proud.  It only took me three extra minutes and I made “the coolest snack ever” for my little boy.

    You can too!

    A simple combo of cheese and a fruit.  Or fruit with fruit!  I used wooden skewers, cut it in half and lopped off the pointy end.  These little guys can just fit inside a little baggy.

    Pineapple and banana.  Grapes and strawberries.  The combos are endless.  Give it go!

    Let me know how it turns out.

    What do you pack for your children?

    This is going to be a feature on my blog now.  I will try to come up with something new either every week, or every other week.  If you have questions, please contact me, ideas, share them!


    14 Sep 2011, 11:11am
    by Carissa Jackson


    Love the food creativity! …smart idea for motivating kids to eat healthy!

    I’m really enjoying your food posts. I have the pork fried rice and chicken dish on my “To Do”/”To Try” list ;) I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy recipes. I don’t get home to prepare dinner until 5pm so keep me in mind if you come across anything. Love ya girly!


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