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  • Of Food and Love: Fast Food the right way

    Well, I don’t know if there REALLY is a right way, but there is a way to go on trips without ruining your intestines or gaining a minimum of five pounds all due to poor food choices.

    Our go-to fast food is Subway.  My kids know the drill.  Cy calls it the “hot chipsy place” because that is the only time he gets to eat Doritos.  hah!  My poor, deprived children.  My favorite sandwich is the Veggie Delight.  A stunning 150 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.  Mmmhmm.

    And thing of things McDoodies (as we all so fondly call McDonalds)  just so happens to share the same parking lot as our beloved “chipsy place”.  We all boo and hiss as we drive by.  It’s more or less a ritual at this point.  If you ask my 5 year old why we don’t eat McDoodies, he’ll tell you why.  Unashamedly, too.

    My children have never had a Happy Meal.  Instead of fries they get cucumbers and bell peppers as a side.

    Now, if there are some of my readers who see nothing wrong with McDoos that’s fine.  This just so happens to be one of the many things our home we do.not.do.  I have done a lot of research on that particular chain and both my husband and I agree that their food isn’t healthy at all and we choose to put our money elsewhere.  Ok, now that that is out of the way.

    Subway.  It’s a great place to eat when you’re on the road.  That is one fast food chain you can find anywhere in the US (and other countries too!).  There is also Chipotle’s.  That is our other go-to fast food love.  Unfortunately, the closest Chipotle’s is an hour and a half away so we don’t get to eat it as often, but on a road trip…we’re so there.  In our town there are four big restaurants and then a handful of mom and pop shops.

    AppleBee’s, Damon’s, Perkins and Country Cupboard.  I can’t speak for any of the others except AppleBee’s.  When we eat there, which is few far and in between, I always order rice pilaf and steamed veggies for the kids.  It’s about the same price as their kids meal, but MUCH healthier.  Most restaurants should have this option available and if you’re eating relatively healthy at home the kids won’t balk when their meal is served.  Chocolate milk is a plus, too.

    There is so much more to share, but those are just a couple of ways to try and continue the trend while eating on the go.  Our family has severe stomach issues if we eat out too much…this was experienced earlier this year when I took the young people of our church to a conference for a couple of nights.  Oh, lord.  I think it took our intestines a week to forgive us.  There wasn’t a Subway close.  uhg.  We ate as healthy as we possibly could, and still…  Just goes to show that your body thanks you for all those dark greens and wonderful low fat foods you give it.

    Please, don’t take my word for it, go and research this all on your own.  Each restaurant is obligated to have a nutritional guideline for you to look at.  Check out what you’re putting into your body.  Please.

    Eek. I can handle Subway about 2-3 times annually. But I’m with you on the Chipotle. :) And my son hasn’t ever had a Happy Meal either, unless perhaps his grandparents did it on the sly.
    Here’s my take on fast food: I’m less concerned with the fat content than I am with the actual ingredients. I will eat an In N Out burger before I’ll touch that weird pseudo food, the Quarter Pounder.
    Sugar, not aspartame. Butter, not margarine. And Lord help us all with those partially hydrogenated oils!
    I’ll end this strange ramble with a confession: I often eat things I don’t let my son eat. Wish I preferred blueberries over french fries…

    15 Sep 2011, 6:31pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Those are good alternatives. I seriously could write a small book on this subject because I’m THAT passionate about it. We also choose butter and would eat In n out three times week if we had one!!


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