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  • Lunch Foodie: Piteeza Pockets

    Continuing on with healthy alternatives for school lunches!

    Sorry, but I had to rename them.  I’m not just making pizza pockets for my little boy.  Oh the combos moms can drum up with just a little dough and some cheese.  If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ll know that I am worthless in the baking department.  It’s true that I have my old faithfuls like : Lemon Loaves and Banana Bread.  Lordy, those are good and bad all at the same time, and if you’ve made them, you’ll know what I mean.

    So, give a mother a break and cut me some slack when I tell you that I did NOT make the dough for these little lunches.  Thank you, Pillsbury.   When I take the leap…you all will be the first to know.

     I took my nifty little crescent cuts and laid them out, two by two.  Pinched the perforated lines together…

    Took about a tablespoon of pizza sauce and spread it around.

    I used Canadian bacon for the filling, not that cheese wouldn’t have been just fine on its own…

      Remember me talking about the mozzarella pearls?  Well, here they are in all their glory, again.  So cute.  Some pockets had three and others had four, I wanted to see which would work better.  In the end, they both did, so next time I’m putting in four.

    I folded the pockets two different ways and they both worked just fine.

    Stuck them in the oven at 350, or until they were golden brown. 

    My son absolutely LOVED these.  He said that the kids at school wanted his lunch.  THAT makes me happy.  Now, to reheat them, I just put them in the toaster oven to warm.  That’s it.  I didn’t want to re-cook them, just warm them up a bit and they were good to go!


    Other combos I’m making and freezing:

    Broccoli and cheese

    Seasoned meat (taco style) with cheese

    Mashed potatoes with shredded beef

    Shredded chicken, broccoli and cheese

    Breakfast pocket (eggs, bacon or sausage) with cheese

    Like I said, endless….



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