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  • This Weekend: Relax

    For some reason Americans have trouble with this concept.  “Relax”.  They either take it to the extreme::  Lazy.  Or they rush through their time of relaxation.  Their vacation isn’t a vacation but a whirlwind of mini-excursions, shopping trips and sight seeing …

    I told my husband that I wanted to go on a vacation and he quickly corrected me.  The “difference between a vacation and a trip is what you do.  And you don’t want a vacation.”

    On a trip, you are there to see and explore, on a vacation you’re there to relax and recuperate. He got me, I didn’t want a vacation I wanted a trip.  I wanted adventure, but what I really needed was to relax and set a few things down mentally.  Too much, too often on a regular basis.  No bueno.

    When was the last time you really relaxed?

    Go on now, pull out your tutu.

    Look at life through your binoculars — backward.  Because everything is further away and you can see the bigger picture.

    Wear your monkey socks.  Because, most likely, they won’t match anything you have, and it will make you feel adventurous.

    Put your pirate patch on and growl a little while you sip on a hot cup of tea and munch on a muffin.

    Just relax…

    Have a great weekend, all!  What are you going to do to relax?

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