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    Over the weekend my family and I were at Something Annual yard sale for a neighboring town.  I say “Something Annual” because I don’t know how long it’s been going on but these people are hard core and the WHOLE town participates.  The town literally shuts down for the day and people mill up and down the streets picking through other people’s stuff to add to their stuff collection.   D and I managed to leave only spending a mere $5…if that.  I like yard sales, but I tend to get a bit overwhelmed and my thinker stops thinking.  System overload.
    We were there to help the church with a bale sale, so yard sales weren’t really a priority.  (If you follow me over on my Mommy Hobbies page on FB you’ll know all about the baking I did for this).

    D and I picked through a few sales, found a baking dish $1, some sewing notions .25, a vintage measuring cup .50.  Like I said, not really a priority.  It was on our way out for the day, that I hit the mother load.  I ran into an old friend.  Ethel.  She will always be a bright spot in my memory of living here.

    I gasped when I saw her.  A little dramatic, I know, but I hadn’t seen her in over a year.  I ran and hugged her.  We chatted for a bit and then she asked me if I’d like some fabrics…well, sure, what was I going to say, “no”?  Then she asked if I wanted some patterns because she was “cleaning out” her basement.  Three boxes.  Three boxes of vintage patterns.  Like I said — mother load.

    So Saturday evening I picked through these and found some real doosies. This one is tame compared to some others…but it’s 80′s enough to get a chuckle.

    And then, I found some real gems.

    Kwik Sew.  Hands down, has been one of my favorite of vintage and modern patterns.  They really are quite easy.  I first learned on a Kwik Sew.  This might explain my loyalty.

    The beauty of these patterns is that a lot of them are classic style and would only take a couple of “tweeks” to modernize them.  Nothing major, but these will stand the test of couture time because these are the base for most, if not all, of our clothing today.  It just keeps getting recycled and “upgraded” is all.

    Case in point.  These are photos from this year’s Fendi runway show.

    Notice the sleeves?  Similar cut to the top in the first pattern I shared.  Fashion is just one big circle.

    *Runway photo via Sartorialist*

    I’m so excited about these.  Fashion is your friend if you know how to treat it.

    way cool girl.

    26 Sep 2011, 11:16am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thanks Deb!


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