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  • Chronicles: Stop complaining

    *Very opinionated piece.  You’ve been warned*

    My mom had that on repeat in our house…only it wasn’t a recording.  It was her.  She would remind us ALL the time to “stop complaining”!  As I got older, I tried to figure out what “complaining” really was.  For me, complaining was whining about something you didn’t want to do.  Simple.

    It’s hard to distinguish between, “making a comment” about something and “complaining”.  Then, it became VERY clear what the difference was.

    Complaining is saying the truth, but negatively.  Being negative.  Bottom line.  That’s what complaining is.  It’s also speaking your opinion about something when it would be wiser not to mention anything at all.  AAHhggg.  So hard.  I promise.  If there is anyone in this world with an opinion on just about Ev.Er.Y.thing, it’s me.   Thankfully, time and age has been kind, and slowly I’ve learned that stating my opinion isn’t necessary all the time.  How many arguments I’ve side stepped because I kept that “piece of my mind” thought to myself.
    There is a certain beauty in keeping your mind in YOUR head, and not in someone’s face.   Truth.  Recently had someone try to get a response from me on an “issue” and I chose not to respond.  Why?  Waste. of. time.  Seriously.  Definitely not a battle I wanted to engage in at all.  And you know what?  I felt SOooo much better about myself and the situation in general.  I kept my wits about me and was able to think from a logical perspective instead of a reactionary one.

    Bringing it back around to complaining.  Same concept applies.  Yes, it might not be comfortable to have a schedule change, or a new manager, or to pick up after your kids againandagainandagainnnn, but move on!  Seriously.  Don’t sit around making snarky comments or mumbling and making vague references to issues or people or situations.  Goodness.   How unpleasant.  Save that for you, your mirror and a place far, far away from others.  Once you’ve expressed your negativity, recoup and move on.  Smile.  Goodness knows that your face and mind need a break from the gushy garbage fest it just endured.

    Before you start saying, “oh, what does she know..” and whatnot, let me put your mind at ease.  I have my bad days, too.  Some days it’s all I can do to keep myself together, because if I step or trip on one more toy there will be more than just a door and a window gracing the front of our house.  There will be a huge VENT hole.  Running through walls has been a reactionary dream of mine for quite some time.  Just barging through and ripping out all the drywall like I’m The Thing or something.  How satisfying would that be??  Awesome.

    Complaints are like little bitter seeds that fall off the tongue, peppering the ground and atmosphere with a slightly stenchy smell.  Oh, that my words, sounds and thoughts would be pleasing and acceptable to Him.




    I heard a great definition of complaining : Talking about any issue to anyone else other then the person/organization etc that can actually do something about the issue/situation.

    I love this opinionated piece. Very much.

    Love: “Complaints are like little bitter seeds that fall off the tongue, peppering the ground and atmosphere with a slightly stenchy smell. Oh, that my words, sounds and thoughts would be pleasing and acceptable to Him”

    I have to remind myself all the time that I will have to give account for every idle word. Is it worth being spoken? Does it build up the body of Christ, help or encourage? Thanks for this opiniated post.

    Thank you for speaking your mind and your heart. Wise words to live by. I’ve been guilty, but like you said, “move on” don’t build a house and dwell there!

    Totally agree Misha.


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