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  • This Weekend: Get out of your rut.

    It was on a whim and a serious craving that I threw out the suggestion on FB.

    Chipotle.  I wanted it it terribly bad.  But it’s an hour and a half away.  Less than 48 hours later I was standing in the parking lot waiting for one of my FB followers, and blog reader Jillian, to join me.  She took me up on my challenge!


    Chipotle is one of the best “fast food” joints around. They serve meat without growth hormones or antibiotics.  They support local farmers by buying their meat.


    I couldn’t wait to eat my burrito.  Goodness.
    (all of their napkins are 100% recycled material)

    The key to eating a Chipotle burrito is to cut it in half.
    (Chipotle is NOT owned by McDonalds)

    Then, dive face first.

    Jillian had a burrito bowl (for those concerned about carbs or uninterested in the tortilla)

    The lady behind the counter asked me why I was taking photos, and I told her that I just drove an hour and a half to eat a burrito because I love it so much.  She just laughed and laughed and said that I needed to take a picture of her before I left.  Her East Coast accent and candor was a welcome sound.  And I’d go back again just to hear her talk!

    There she is with the burr-ista!

    The drive back was nice.  It felt good to have been so spontaneous.  To throw my house cleaning to the wind.  Get out child-free and move my day around in a way that shifted me up and out of my rut. 

    Thank you,  Jillian.  You helped me “get out of my rut” yesterday.

    *Chipotle did not pay me to write this, it’s just me and my thoughts.  Although, I wouldn’t mind if Chipotle paid me to write about them.  HAH.  Free burritos for life, baby!*

    That’s awesome you had such a great experience at Chipotle! Deb, the cashier, gave me this site address today after you stopped in. (I was the girl on the line with the strawberry blond hair, hope everything was great today :) .) My husband and I both work there; he is actually the guy in the photo with Deb. My compliments on a wonderful photo!

    12 Oct 2011, 5:03pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thank you! I’m so glad you stopped by to see me. I looovee Chipotle! How awesome that she remembered my blog.
    Yes, everything was fabulous and I can’t wait to come back. I live quite a distance away so I won’t be able to come very often, but when I can, I will!


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