5 Oct 2011, 8:30am
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    The town we live in has one particular race that starts at 8pm every year, rain, or heat…and I don’t say heat lightly.  Last year it was stifling.  The humidity was unkind.  It wrapped it’s wet little fingers around my lungs and throat and squeezed.  The whole 3.1 miles.  But this year, there was a chill in the air.  It was a beautiful night and I wasn’t looking or feeling insecure like I was last year…

    Me at last year's race...

     And this year, my dad wasn’t here :(   Last year he surprised me and showed up to support me on my very first race, ever.  My dad is like that and I love it.

    Silly dad


    Nope, this year it was crisp and cold, the night was clear and I was ready.  Chatted up a lady who just started running this year, it was her 5th race.

    There were 309 racers.   My experience this year was much, much better.  Last year, I ran the WHOLE race with a stitch in my side.  It was painful, but I wasn’t going to quit.  This year, I had my Garmin, which was fabulous but I didn’t have it set in time, so I was fiddling with it for the first .03 of the race.  Uhg.  I was just pushing and twisting the stinkin’ thing, trying not to trip, get stampeded or run into anyone.  Eventually, it flicked on and I got into a groove.

    I am starting to develop my own style of dress when I race.  I’m drawn to bright colors and wild socks (for those of you who have known me forever…you’ll not be surprised by the funky sock addiction).  One of the volunteers hollered after me “nice sock wear!”  I was thrilled, I gave her the thumbs up, because I was too out of breath and I was rounding out of my 2nd mile…picking up speed and hoping to beat my time…

    Running mom fancy socks

    I beat my last 5k time by a mere 3 secs and I missed my personal goal by 25 seconds.  I was hoping to finish this race in under 25 minutes…no go.  But I was happy!  I came in 7th in my age bracket and 107th overall.  Not too bad…going to shoot for better next time, though.

    25min 24sec.  3.1miles.

    Another race, another dollar.  Thoroughly excited about doing a half-marathon.  It’s going to cost more than a mere $20…try $80!  But I can’t wait!  13.1 miles.  I’ve been wanting to meet you, you know.

    Silent Cheerleaders, what is in the books for you with your personal exercise goals?


    Way to go! Love the tights ~ I picked up a purple pair and love wearing them when I ride.

    Very cool. I’m a horrible runner. I’m trying to become better. I’m thinking the only way to get better is to set a goal and meet it. I’m going to look for a 5k in my area.


    10 Oct 2011, 11:39pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Do it! I would highly recommend the C25K program. Couch to 5k. It will help you achieve this goal reasonably and you won’t be discouraged! Please, let me know how it goes :) This stuff gets me excited!


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