5 Oct 2011, 12:00pm
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  • Sewing: The Olivia Dress — Take 2

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    And I’m much less afraid to post photos this time around…the dress is not an atrocity and I somehow managed to read the pattern correctly instead of backward, or sideways or any other way. 

    It’s adorable.  Seriously.  I made the dress I wanted to make.  It is a tad too big, but I didn’t know how to make the proper adjustments so I just left it.  I already used the smallest size available, soooo… what’s a novice to do?

    However, I have decided that this dress isn’t “easy” there are a lot of details!  I had to cut the bodice out four times once for the front and back and then again for the lining for the front and back.  I was hoping for a more simplistic pattern, but the lining added a nice touch.  Also, I didn’t complete the pattern, it called for lining the skirt, too.  Instead of worry about that, I just made cute little leggings.

    This dress is supposed to be accompanied with shorts, but her birthday is in November so I went back to my old ways of make clothing withOUT a pattern and whipped up the leggings.  MUCH easier.  Sheesh.  Now, if I could just learn how to make a dress without a pattern.  I need mad ninja sewing skillz for that though.  Soon enough.

    Oh, but there is something else so exciting about this dress!  I was able to “finish” the dress nicely!  I went out and bought a double needle…it makes two very neat rows of stitching like a a REAL garment.  Oh, man, it made me feel like a pro (which I am far from. hah).  The dress and pants were so neatly finished that I can’t wait to make another outfit.

    My mind is twirling with ideas…I’m thinking a cute little caplet for Roma and a cape for Cylas.  They both love, love, love dressing up and with the bags of material (like 5 huge bags) my dear, sweet friend Ethel dropped off, I think I shall have plenty to play with!

    The "finished" hem of the leggins


    Roma is her own version of Olivia, ready for anything!

    Umm, could she be any cuter?! I think not. And great job on the dress, I think its so cool that you made a costume!

    5 Oct 2011, 2:42pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Aw, thank you Courtney! Yeah, it’s fun to be inspired by something…especially when your “originality” meter is running a little low. Hah.

    5 Oct 2011, 3:41pm
    by Hilaria M


    Love those red shoes!

    5 Oct 2011, 3:42pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Tia, those are her FAVORITE shoes. haha


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