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  • Lunch Foodie: Tuna Sandwich

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    One of the top rated sandwiches in this house for all the mouths I feed, is the timeless tuna.  Boring little tuna with mayo, a squirt of mustard and a little pepper to give it some pop.

    But the other day I decided to get wild.  Hah.  I’m from California and when you’re a Californian there are certain things you eat, because it runs in your blood.  Avocados, artichokes and garlic.  Considering California grows almost 80% of all the vegetables and fruits available in the U.S…groves of fruit trees on the side of the road, trucks rumbling down the freeway loaded with tons of garlic or tomatoes was part of my childhood.  We were always around the celebration of fruits and veggies.  I could go on and on…Apple Hill being one of my most fond memories of all.

    There are even garlic festivals to prove our loyalty to the stinky vegetable (yes, it’s a vegetable).  I still have a shirt from when I was about three…”I’m a little stinker” it says.

    Yes, so, while I was making my boring little tuna sandwich I grabbed an avocado, sliced it thin and added it to my lunch.  Best wild decision yet!  Sometimes, it’s not reinventing the wheel that’s needed, it’s a little bling to the blah. 

    Do you know what the benefits of an avocado are?  It has potassium, folic acid, Vitamin E…over 20 different essential nutrients.  I really love avocado and rightfully so.  I put a dash of sea salt on the slices and ate my sandwich with a side of Sun Chips.  Yum.

    Now, adding avocado isn’t the only way to have fun with boring little tuna.  My step-mom, before she passed, introduced me to the coolest way of all to eat a tuna sandwich.   She took me to a deli and served me a tuna on a bagel.  I fell in love.  This particular tuna mixture had finely chopped red onion in it, too.  So delicious.  My husband loves onion and boiled egg in his tuna.  Both of those ingredients are lethal for the poor bystanders in his life, but hey…

    So, I decided that I would buy miniature bagels and whip up a tuna bagel for Cylas’ lunches.  Boring old tuna out the door!  (also, whenever we travel we take these tuna bagels along with goldfishies to snack on.  My kids love it.  We finish it off with little tangerines, it clears the air of tuna smell and it’s the perfect, healthy desert)

    How do you eat your tuna?

    Mmmmmm!!! Tuna! Even thought it’s a beautiful rainy day here, I think you’ve made me in the mood to eat tuna for lunch. We love our with diced apples and/or purple grapes! It sound loony but it’s yummy. It def adds some “bling to the blah” hehe! ;) If we don’t have any apples/grapes in the house, we love the spicy pickle and top the sandwich in a melted cheese. Mmmm!

    10 Oct 2011, 4:04pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Ahh, yes, apples in the tuna, it’s got the perfect crunch. Yumm

    I love my tuna with avocado, garlic, and sundried tomatoes. I’ve tried my tuna with apples and grapes, too! YUMMY!



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