13 Oct 2011, 8:52am
cylas Of Food and Love:

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  • Of Food And Love: A school morning

    Having a child who goes to school changes the morning routine forever.  Cylas is pretty chipper in the morning (thank the lawd).  It doesn’t take too much to get him up and he’s always good for some conversation.


    Today he asked to eat Kix for breakfast.  So did his little sister.  This miffed him a bit.  “Why does she always follow me??  I dont.want.her.to.follow.me.”  I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him square in the eye.  “She is your little sister.  She loves you.”  He accepted that and then we talked about more important things like his dreams and firefighters.


    His clothing selection routine goes something like this: I pick it out, he complains and sheds a tear or two because I picked a shirt that wasn’t cool.  So, he picks out the “cool shirt and cool pants” and all is well with the world.  But this morning mama struck gold.  One can never go wrong with skulls and khakis.


    His socks are equally as important.  Today he was trying to figure out if it was a Spiderman day or not.  Eventually, he informed me that it was Spiderman’s birthday and so Spiderman socks it was to be. 


    The rest of the morning he was singing happy birthday to Spiderman…even while brushing his teeth.


    I have to admit that my least favorite part of the morning is the shoes.  I am not a fan of trying to loosen all the strings and hope that they are just perfect so his foot can slide in.  Today he was being silly.


    Thank goodness he taught himself how to tie his shoes, so most mornings, it’s just me wrestling to get his foot in and then he ties the shoe.  I can work with that.

    Lastly, the wait.  This is the best part of my morning, because I get to listen in on his conversations with himself.  He sings, talks, solves problems, schemes, makes noises.  It’s really cool.  I love my school mornings with my little boy.


    But most importantly, we pray right before he leaves.  We pray that he would make good choices, be responsible, show kindness and be a good example.  Have a good day, my Spiderman boy.

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