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  • Handmade Goodness Giveaway:: CLOSED Breast Cancer Awareness Punk Monkey

    Lindsy W is the winner!

    Her name is Tata.  And I made her.

    Seeing as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to hand make something that would pose as a gentle reminder of it.

    I participated in a 5k over the weekend in support of my friend, Crystal, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing a bilateral mastectomy.  I will never know how she stands so strong and smiles and encourages others the way she does.  She’s amazing.

    So, here is my tribute to her and her journey through this horrible disease.  Crystal, may others be aware.

    If you would like to win this memento, please, just leave a comment. 

    Or, if you have a story to tell, please share, people need to know how serious this is.  Monthly self-check breast exams could save your life.

    This month is also Domestic Violence Awareness month and I will have a childhood friend of mine share her compelling story with you all.

    Both my mom and mother-in-law are in remission from breast cancer. Both were diagnosed within a year of each other and both underwent grueling treatment.My mom finished radiation just two weeks ago and knowing her love for stuffed animals, I know this monkey would make her feel better.

    Your photography is so beautiful, Misha! Love the monkey and the cause. It is a little scary how many people we all know that have been diagnosed and even died from breast cancer. What a great way to remember to be aware. Thanks!

    <3 the monkey and its amazing what people are doing this month to raise awareness for breast cancer. I think its amazing when women (and me) come together to educate and bond with others on something as scary as cancer and give others the courage to fight and defeat it. Its amazing how much a little encouragement and been there/beat that can do for someones faith. I give my vote to Ana though ss much as I hate to hear that happened to them I am glad they could at least go through it together.

    Ahem* That was supposed to say when women (and MEN!) LOL! Not Me. :@)

    26 Oct 2011, 1:19pm
    by Becca harden


    Misha I absolutely love the cause. My best friends mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer earlier this year and it has been hard on the whole family and all of their friends.She has gone through lots of chemo and just got home from 6 weeks of radiation. I thank god every day that she is still with us.

    My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 50. It was her first mammogram because that was the recommended age back in the 80s and 90s. I’ve often wondered if she would still be with us if she had been checked at a younger age. We’ll never know, but I strongly urge all my friends to get checked regularly – it really could save your life.

    So cute! Would love to “win” Tata :) Glad to have been able to walk with you in the 5k!

    Love this monkey and the cause! The cutie holding the monkey is rather adorable too! Not sure if it’s possible, but if I win, as much as I love this monkey, I would like it to go to Kari Morgan.

    Hmmmm where to start? First of all, this is a grand idea, thumbs up to you for focusing on something we all should stay aware of.
    7 years ago I was finishing up my last of 8 cycles of devil juice. I’d just delivered a healthy baby girl who underwent 4 of those cycles with me.
    I’d had a mastectomy as well but chose not to take radiation. Having been diagnosed at age 29, while being pregnant presented a challenge yet one I was blessed enough to tackle with a wonderful church family to help me get through it. Gods grace was sufficient for me and I am forever grateful. I can only say that anyone faced with similar circumstances that “this too shall pass”. That God is in control and He is faithful.
    I love Tata, she is absolutely adorable ad would look amazing in my 7 year old’s new room with owls and monkeys. She is a survivor too and she is well aware of the miracle of her life.
    Love you Misha!

    Awwww how sweet the poster above me!!!! I don’t know who that is but THANK you, you made me cry!

    26 Oct 2011, 7:53pm
    by Jennifer zechman


    I think it is amazing work you do with you monkeys and just love the new one Tata in honor of Crystal. I too went to school with her. She is such a strong woman. God bless you both.

    Misha, I LOVE your punk monkeys!! and may God bless you greatly for what you’re doing through this giveaway. Crystal is a strong, God-fearing woman…so full of courage and faith. Praying….

    I love the breast cancer punk monkey! That is adorable! I think it is wonderful of you to help with the cause. We have a close family friend that is in remission and I would love to give this to her! ;-)

    29 Oct 2011, 9:04pm
    by Twila Peachy


    Misha,your monkey is so cute! Its nice of you to share in this way, would love to win it. My daughter really likes your monkeys to.

    My friend, Carla, is a breast cancer survivor and I would love to pass this on to her.


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