31 Oct 2011, 8:27am
Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom:


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  • Chronicles: Getting Organized

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    Ok, so, I love making lists, I love taking my pencil and scratching through each item as I finish it, I love purging my children’s toys, clothes or other items, and I love finding totes and filling it with folded fabric, hats, scarves, gloves…whatever needs to find a home.

    Lately, I’ve been feeling that for all the cleaning I do.  It’s just is not enough.  Because, if one were to take a peek into my bathroom closet, or into any other number of closets in my house…they would see that my skills only go so far.

    I feel like I should be completely embarrassed, but I’m not.  My lack of skill is a sad fact.  I have small bins in there to hold extra soaps, lotions or other hygiene items, my towels are folded, cleaning supplies lined up, but it still looks like a mess!!  My sister sister informed me, in not so many words, that I needed “help”.  If I couldn’t see past the small amount of organization to a deeper level, I was missing something.  I tend to agree.

    Lately, I’ve found that I clean my house obsessively.  Like, you don’t even wanna know…I’m always running with a vacuuming, spritzing with cleaning spray, picking up toys, doing laundry, but it seems like I can’t keep my house clean enough. 


    Messes fiddle with my brain functions and my mood meter.  Anyone who has stayed with our family for any amount of time can tell you that my smile takes a dip if after a couple of hours the toys haven’t been picked up.  My kids have free reign of the house, they are allowed to turn the couch upside down, jump on the beds, take the covers off, build forts from the table and use the house as a war zone.  I don’t mind.  But, when all is said and done…that’s when I get very, very frustrated.  If they don’t pick up their “fun”, mommy goes into holygoodnessshebecrazy mode.  Once it’s clean, I’m nice again.  See, it’s magic.

    Clean house = happy mommy

    But I’m starting to think there is an underlying tone to my frustration.  I know that there are details I’m missing in order to make our house not just “clean”, but organized.  And that’s what I want.  So, I am writing about this in hopes that I’m not the only one ready for some change, some clean up, some rearranging, and purging of unnecessary  things.  Who’s with me?
    I’m going to give updates on my progress and tricks that I’ve learned to help streamline my house and life through just simply getting organized.  I’m pretty sure part of the streamlining process is going to include me learning how to look at my tasks one at a time and not the WHOLE picture.  It’s so overwhelming that I want to quit before I start.  Baby steps, *breathe* baby steps, *breathe*

    I’m so ready to do this.  Anyone out there been at this point before?  Where did you start and how did it work out?  Do share.

    This is me, being vulnerable.  Help!

    31 Oct 2011, 11:16am
    by Melissa andrade


    I am ocd kind of person, I love cleanliness…I feel the same way my kids have free run of the house but when they are done it better be all picked up or I get a little crazy…I don’t do so great vacuuming :) but organization LOVE IT!!! I cant stop myself everything gets organized last night the kids art draws got reorganized spontaneously. I went to get the paint things out & seen the draw & we didnt paint til it was all organized, my hubby is very used to this madness as he just watched without saying to much. Maybe it has to do with my mom paying me to organize the closets & everything when I was younger I have no clue but whatever it was I’m grateful! Just gets annoying sometimes when I can’t do something until something organized. Good luck! Cant wait to see your progress.

    31 Oct 2011, 11:27am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thank you! I need all the votes of confidence, seriously. This is going to prove more daunting than I want, I’m sure, but it’s so necessary.

    [...] into some profound *cough cough* new knowledge on how to live a “clean” lifestyle (which I’m still working on myself), I figured it would be best to start with our story.  Or, maybe I should start with my story, [...]

    Hi Misha!

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