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Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom

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  • Chronicles: Give it to God

    Winner of Tata:: Lindsy W.  Thank you all for entering! ::

    How hard is that??  Sometimes when I pray, I have to draw a mental picture in my mind of me holding every one of my problems in my hands, lifting them up to God, then waiting for him to take them from me.  I revisit this mental picture several times throughout my prayers in hopes that I’m “giving it all to God”.
    It’s hard.

    But did I truly “give it to God”?  After my morning prayer and bible reading, I usually feel pretty good about life in general.  I’ve noticed that starting my day with God, balances out any issues or circumstances I might encounter later.  It’s true.
    So, back to this whole dilemma of me, God and “giving” it all to him.  I never really understood it until recently.  Why, after all my prayer and supplication did I still *feel* worried, sad, angry, possibly a little bitter, sick to my stomach or any other myriad of physical manifestations of what was going on in my life…  It didn’t make sense, was my last half hour spent on my knees for nothing?  No.  It wasn’t.  But then again I didn’t keep up with my end of the deal.

    It hit me.  Giving it all to God is simply: detaching your emotions from whatever situation is currently in the top of your omgwhyisthishappeningtome list.  You know, that long list that sits on your fridge and you growl at it in the mornings?  Mmmhmmm.

    Once I detached myself emotionally, it didn’t run rampant in my mind.  I wasn’t watching instant replays, potential instant replays, rehearsing what I would say to…whoever.  Yeah, all that?  Out the door.  Why?  Because I didn’t want to deal with those feelings or thoughts.  That is all God’s territory.  I’ll give him all my problems and save my emotions, feelings and thoughts for my husband and children.  No need to waste them pointlessly.

    I haven’t mastered the detachment process completely, but boy has it sure helped.  With each new bump in the road of my life, it’s become easier to learn through each trial instead of being bogged down to the point of mental exhaustion and anguish.

    *Here God, I give you my problems, while I step away from my emotional attachment to them.  I’ll stand here and wait while you work it out because I know you can.  Thanks, God.  Oh, and sorry for the times I thought I knew what you should do and got frustrated because it worked out differently.  It turned out better your way anyhow.  Silly me.  Awesome you.*


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