28 Nov 2011, 1:00pm
Of Food and Love:


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  • Of Food And Love: Felt Mittens Advent Calendar

    Christmas is coming alive in our house.  And let me tell you it isn’t because of me.  My son loves decorating for each holiday.  And even if there isn’t a holiday he’s wanting to decorate.  That’s just how he is.  Up until a couple days ago, his room was covered in Christmas lights that he unearthed in our basement, strung from one end of his room to the other, hung a wreath, hung his stuffed animals from the walls and lights and proudly proclaimed it was Christmas time.  I couldn’t say no.  He worked really hard.  For all my barking about keeping the house clean, I’m a sucker when it comes to my children and their creativity.  I WANT them to add to our house in that way.  So, yeah, most of the time my house looks a little loopy but that’s because my children put their little hearts into every little piece of paper, hung ornament, strand of lights, stray pumpkin…you name it.

    So the other day while I was browsing through my favorite blogs and enjoying some of the amazing creativity out there, I decided that I wanted to do an advent calendar.  I just really, really wanted to do one, because I know Cy would be tickled to have yet another decoration hanging and we can count down the days until Christmas together.  So, instead of spending THIS much money ($98 are you kidding meee?) for something professional and perfect.  I dug into my stash of felt in the basement.

    I wanted to do something relatively easy, since I was starting this project at 9 at night…so I picked mittens.  My skills, even as a half-brain artist are HORRIBLE, so, I enlisted the help of D.  He used Roma’s little hand as the template and then rounded off the top.  Perfect!

    Pretty soon, I had 25 cute little colorful mittens.  I picked a font, printed it out and I had my numbers, too.

    Then, I rolled out my ribbon, snipped off a piece for each mitten, and sewed it on…

    Then tacked them all to his wall.  Now, you don’t have to do it this way, but our wall needs to be repainted and has a million little holes in it from all of Cy’s “decorating” so, I didn’t feel bad.  But, I was tempted to punch a hole in each one and string some twine through so I could hang them from a banner.

    We are ready to count down the days until Christmas!!

    Christmas on a budget can be cute, too :)

    Looks like fun!(:

    So. This gives me a great idea for my classroom. I have no kiddies at home, but I’m thinking a modified Advent Calendar would be cool to count down the the days of Christmas/days ’til Christmas break. I have tons o’ felt in my craft closet and could definitely find a lil’ hand to trace. Nifty idea.



    Really cute and not damaging to the teeth either!


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