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  • MIY: Christmas Canvas Gift

    :: Colette !  You are the winner of those beautiful note cards ::

    We are on a budget!  (when are we not??)  But, I can’t let that hang over my head and cloud my ability to pick out the best gifts possible for my family.  Of course, I am not exactly the well-spring of all things original, but I do love to create!

    Around the middle of November I start biting my nails with worry because I hadn’t bought anything for my extended family.  But, after a good internet perusal I came up with something fantastic.  It wasn’t on any one particular site, it was just a bunch of nifty ideas that I deconstructed and made into my own.
    Please enjoy our happily budgeted Christmas gifts.

    I went to Michael’s and bought a package of 8×10 blank canvases.  They are normally $19.99 for the lot, but that evening they were on sale for a steamy $14.99. SCORE.

    (they come in packs of 10)

    We set up camp on the dining table.  It really helps to have an artist in the fam.  D pulled out all his acrylics and fancy little paint brushes.  We’re teaching the kids how to respect the tools of the trade.
    (side note:: we tried to use finger paints on the first canvas and it was a bust.  it didn’t look good at all. use acrylics.)

    First, we divided the canvas in two with a strip of masking tape so each child could contribute to the gift.

    They absolutely, LOVE painting.  We let them paint whatever they wanted for however long they wanted.

    And in the end they each made a masterpiece.  I am so sad to let these little pieces go.  The proud mommy inside wants to keep them all, but I can’t.  Whoever gets these for Christmas is getting the best gifts out there, that’s for sure!

    My children each had their own individual paint pallete, yet their paintings were so similar!  They mixed their own paints, too.  It’s amazing to see how much they are alike, even on their own.

    Please, enjoy and hopefully this will help another family who is on a budget just like we are!  Christmas on a budget can be cute :)

    *yes, this IS my own little idea*

    a friend of my daughters let her 1 year old finger paint on canvas for Christmas presents for her family, sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Hmmm.. I have lots of little canvases. I may let Paxton create masterpieces..

    Adorable! I’m sure any lucky receiver will be thrilled! I know I sure would be. :)

    Another great method to this cuteness is to use masking tape to mask off your family initial. Let each child paint to their hearts content over the entire canvas then remove the tape and voila you have a boutique worthy piece of art or perhaps a collage of them!

    These are absolutely adorable. This was a great idea, and the colors really work well together. Your kids are definitely budding artists!



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