5 Dec 2011, 8:43am
Of Food and Love romalise:


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  • Of Food And Love: Olivia The Pig Themed Birthday

    Our precious little one turned 3 last month.  But because her birthday is one of those that lands on Thanksgiving every four years…we had to wait until December to have the official party. (it runs in the family, these on/or near the holiday birthdays…mine being another, as it falls two days after Christmas)

    So, on Saturday we set up shop and had Roma’s Olivia The Pig party.  Decorations were simple and the company was perfect.  I have found that I’m REALLY gravitating toward smaller gatherings when it comes to doing parties for my kids.  It’s SO much work!  I have a mind to just throw crackers and candy on the ground for the next party and have the kids eat like little animals.  Shoot, we’ll call the “Ravish, Scavenge and Scarf It” game.  hah

    Anyway, crackers, cheese and slices of sausage were on the menu.  Not too imaginative, but kids love finger food!  Then, I had a plate for the adults.  Cream cheese smothered in mango ginger chutney, surrounded by dried apricot.  That disappeared quite quickly.

    I found the perfect mini muffins — red and black.  The kids feasted on those, too.

    If the ceilings in our house were taller, the little “chandelier” that I made would have had at least two tiers, but one was just fine.  My good friend, Angie, came over and helped me put it together.  Thank goodness for her!

    For the ruffled streamers on the mirror I used THIS tutorial.

    She also made Roma’s fascinator/bow.

    Roma was the sweetest little birthday girl.  She sang “Happy Birthday” to herself and it took her three tries to get that candle to quit.

    Angie also made Roma’s personal little birthday cake along with a little extra for everyone else.  It was the yummiest little vanilla cake, too.

    And as much as I wanted to buy little piggy noses for everyone as a party favor…I settled on lip gloss. ($1 a piece)

    Roma is a self-made princess.  And I know this because I’m not a very frilly person, so, it had to come from somewhere within.  She’s perfect though.

    She dressed herself up in parts and pieces of her birthday gifts and pranced around the house.

    All of her gifts were so “her”.  An Olivia dress up kit, finger puppets, princess slippers, cute outfits with happy colors, a Dora schoolhouse.  We were so blessed with the friends and family who showed.

    Thank you all SO much!

    Awesome pics! Love the colors you chose, the decor was perfect and the cake looks adorable! Roma is so beautiful, but I’m not surprised, so is her momma!

    5 Dec 2011, 2:08pm
    by Carissa Jackson


    Happy 3rd Birthday to the adorable and lovely Romalise! :) I wish she/you all lived closer. I love reading your posts about your kids, Misha. Her little personality is as cute as a button!!!


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