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Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom life:

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  • Chronicles: I love being clean but I leave dishes in the sink at night

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    **This is me.  My opinion.  This is how I choose to live my life.  For what it’s worth…**

    Confession. o1  And I leave my clean laundry in the basket for a couple days, too.  Yeah, horrible, I know.  What ever, if worse comes to worse I will dig around for my clean underwear if I have to.  Don’t judge.

    Growing up there was a place for .ev.er.y.thing in our house.  My mom had all our toys categorized, labels, calendars, you name it.  It was a very comfortable space in my life.  I knew what to expect and when to expect it.  I loved our chore charts: the stickers, characters, checking off my responsibilities was such a satisfying feeling.

    However, my childhood was filled with “directives”, we were always being herded, guided and told what to do.  We worked a lot as kids, probably, most definitely, a lot less than a child born in the 19th century or earlier, but for our day, we did a lot.  It was our life — cleaning, organizing and eventually cooking (which my younger sister took over the job of at the age of 13).

    So, now that I have my own family, I am living a fractured version of my childhood rearing.  My organizational skills wreak of organized chaos, and the closest I’ve gotten to “categorizing” toys is getting small bins from IKEA and trapping my children’s toys in them at night.  At one point, they were categorized but it was so, so difficult to keep them that way that I resolved to the fact that if the toys were IN the box, I could sleep at night.   I refuse to believe that I have some form of OCD…maybe I should just admit it (coming from the person who has to have all the clothing in her closet facing the same way, semi-organized by color, and most definitely by type, feels the urge to vacuum all the time, and sweeps the floor a minimum of three times a day.) :: A little nuts but relatively normal compared to other forms of OCD.  My house is still far from *perfect*, come over, you’ll see.  There are some cobwebs I’ve missed and dust in places…yeah, once again, I’m not perfect.

    Confession. o2  (I’m on a roll here) But amidst ALL of this, my particular preferences and behaviors, I struggle with clutter.  It’s not too bad, but bad enough for me to get a little grumbly about it sometimes.  I have a problem with putting away little things, like paper, stray miscellaneous items or keeping a particular space organized.  It bothers me.  So after a while I get fed up and just start chucking all the things that have managed to “clutter” my house up.  Bags and bags of clothing I’ve given away, along with toys, furniture, you name it.  And slowly…slowly, my house is starting to clear and what do you know, my mind is following suit.  There is a direct connection between the state of ones’ home and the peace of mind they receive once it’s clean.

    My hall bathroom closet :: BEFORE



    Articles have been written showing the relationship between a home that has been de-cluttered and the emotional stability that follows.  *Now, please, before you start to attack my position on this let me qualify:  I am NOT talking about leaving a toy on the floor or a dish in the sink.  I am talking about filth, disgusting filth in the home.  There is a MAJOR difference between everyday life messes and build up in the shower, layers of cobwebs, crusty dishes for days and days on end, feces on the floor…THAT is what I’m talking about.*

    Clearing the closets of unnecessary clutter, the drawers of clothing from years and years ago, the toys from broke or long unused ones, the basement from extra furniture or useless items brings such a peace of mind.  I’ve done it.  I’m STILL doing it.  Every time I release myself from the hold of another useless piece of *what*ever* I feel good, I feel better, I can think more clearly and it’s not as hard to complete other tasks around the house.  Laugh if you will, but this is my experience with cleaning up and cleaning out.  Not ashamed to share it, either.

    Our children are learning right along with me.  We strive to make sure Cy’s room is picked up every night.  Sometimes, it hits the sack along with the little sleepy head and stays dirty until the next day, but on the whole, we make a point to have it picked up.  Habits.  Good ones.  Both of my children put their dishes in the sink when they’re done.  Good Habits.  If they make a mess on the floor, chips, crumbs, whatever, more often than not they will offer to clean it up, which I let them!  It’s not mandatory, but they are getting the feel for what it’s like to — clean up after myself.  Cy folds and puts away his p.js before he goes to school.  Good Habits.

    Cy folding and organizing his draw. HE did this on his own without me asking or prompting

    Cleanliness vs. Dirtiness.  I could go on and on.  Really, this subject deserves one full week of posts, breaking down, examining and exploring the results of a messy home versus a clean one and how it effects a person’s outlook on life and themselves, but I’ll stop here…for now.

    We choose to train up our children to be conscientious and aware of the state of their home.  If we care, then they care.  Bottom line.

    Hmmm, we have very similar upbringings. That explains why I relate with you so much! (My mom was a professional housekeeper). Like you, I do things a little differently with my kids yet hold on to many things I learned growing up. My house is not always perfect, but it is lived in. Underneath it is always clean, disorganized sometimes, cluttery (if that’s a word) sometimes, but none the less, clean! I find if my house is out of sorts, so am I, and I do not like that feeling!


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