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  • The 2011 Year In Review

    Where do I start?

    When I write posts like this, I have to dig back through my photos to remind me where I’ve been, where I went and then it reminds me of where I want to go.  I love the fact that I will never have to relive this year of my life ever again, or any other year for that matter. (forgive me if this sounds negative it’s not meant to be…just hang on a little bit longer and you’ll see why)

    Earlier this year I had a wonderful conversation with someone who has helped me through a lot and she said something that struck me.  In regards to living for God, sometimes he puts us through tests for our own good, because he knows we need to grow.  And then comes the ultimate test: did we pass?  If we didn’t then there will be a similar test in the future, the factors might be different but the bottom line will be the same.  And I would like to think that I passed all of my “tests” for this year.

    This year flew by, literally.  When did Cy and Roma go from this:

    To this:

    And this year, we were blessed to be able to visit family in California…for my little sister’s graduation

    Then I dug in and started sewing – a lot.

    My baby boy taught himself how to ride a bike!

    And then, he started school

    With just me and baby R at the house, it was easier for me to focus on those Punk Monkeys.

    Theennn, there was Cy’s ULTRA embarrassing trip to the dentist.  I shall NEVER forget that as long as I live.

    I kissed a lot of things goodbye this year.  Friendships, thoughts, mindsets…and said hello to a lot of good things like more friendships, better thoughts and focused mindsets.  I started weeding out the extra things in my mind, soul searching and re-affirming to the world that I am indeed NOT perfect.

    I made my kids’ costumes, for the first time and had a blast!

    Ran a few races this year…

    My baby girl turned 3!  What??

    We picked out our own Christmas tree, which was really, really special.

    We spent Christmas with my dad.  It was amazing and I’m beyond grateful for all the blessings we received from people far and near.

    All in all, this year has been really, really good and really, really trying.  I set goals in January of 2011 here are some of them:

    Run a marathon
    Have 400 followers on my blog by the end of the year, I have 236 :)
    Learn to sew better
    Get organized
    Read more books

    Here my goals for 2012:

    Run a half-marathon
    Run a marathon
    Study my Russian textbooks all over again
    Re-read some of the classics or READ classics that I have never read before
    Gain a following of at least 500 on my FB page for Mommy Hobbies
    Continue to sew and hone my skills
    Become a better gardener
    Become a better cook
    Take all of my notes for my children’s books and DO SOMETHING with them
    Go back to school for journalism…

    I’m not going for too much, am I?  hahah.  Ahhh, 2012 you’re going to be one good year.

    30 Dec 2011, 10:29am
    by Deborah Kordecki


    Love it!!!!!


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