3 Jan 2012, 9:33am
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    Today there is no agenda, or message in my post.  I’m simply posting because I need to express my thoughts on screen/paper…oh, whatever.

    Yesterday started the first week of the new year.  I remember this time last year I had some pretty awesome goals, one of which was to expand my blog.  I shot to have 400 followers by the end of the year.  Totally fell short.  I’m at 237.  It’s ok.  They say that the key to growing your blog is to post regularly, and I would like to think that I’m posting regularly…like everyday and sometimes twice a day.  My following isn’t that great, I stare at the amount of hits I get and I think to myself, what else can I do??  Blogging has become a major part of my life.  I spend a lot of time writing, researching (going to other successful blogs to see how they run theirs), planning, photographing, cooking…yeah, I do a lot just for one little 5 minute read.  hah.  And I LOVE it.

    Years ago when I started junior college, my major was journalism.  More specifically, photojournalism.  But journalism and blogging are completely different.  You get to write, yes, but there are so many details you have to think about when you’re writing a piece for the paper, whereas, when I’m sitting in my front room plunking out a post…it’s my rhyme and reason, not my editor’s.  Either way, I love writing a good story and creating mental images for people.  I love making an otherwise mundane situation come to life.  That’s me, all the way.

    Late last year I reconnected with a person who I hadn’t spoken to in a while, due to situations beyond my control, and they started “helping” me with my blog.  Their following was much larger than mine and I was so grateful for the little boost.  Then, strangely, about a month after we started working together they stopped “helping” me.  They just silently fell off my radar and didn’t tell me why.  I was really puzzled.  Not once did I receive an explanation.  I sent them an email got a spotty response which didn’t do anything for me and then…I did something that I probably should not have done — I sent them a song that reminded me of them.  It wasn’t a bad song, it just really summed up our relationship to me.  It’s one of my favorite songs.  They were so, so offended.  I really stuck my foot in it. hah.  And well, instead of telling me that it hurt them they took to “talking about me” on their FB page saying some pretty hurtful things and I was stunned.  A few other hurtful things followed and I resolved that working with that person just wasn’t something I was ever going to pursue again.  They never did explain why they stopped helping me or why they chose to lash out instead.   The only thing I could think of was that they were afraid I was “copying” them…  From that moment on I was determined to make my blog as different as possible from theirs.  I already had my own thing going and was in no way (at least in my mind) copying them.  I have my style, they have theirs.  Now, I haven’t spoken to that person in months.
    That relationship did a lot of things for me — good, bad, ugly, and it taught me that not everyone is how they seem.  This person had good intentions, they DID help me a lot, but when I got too close, to whatever, successfully becoming competition(?), they struck at me.  So, yes, that person’s blog has a lot, a lot of followers, and I do not, they have a list of sponsors, and I do not, but I walked away very sure of myself that I didn’t ever, ever want to treat someone like they treated me, no matter what my reason (valid or not).  I have a list of other successful bloggers I follow and look up to and if it takes me 5 years to become a blip on the blogging radar, well so be it.
    Now that it’s the new year, I felt it ok to write about my experience.

    This year, I am even more determined to make my blog grow.  This means I have to make connections and network.  Recently, I was approached by a fellow blogger to be a biweekly guest poster on her blog.  Our blogs are not similar in any way and I’m so excited for this opportunity.  She was one of my faithful followers, commenting here and there and finally I was curious enough to check her blog out, her creativity struck me.  She is very, very passionate about what she does and I love her dedication.  Next Monday will be my blogging premiere over there, so, be sure to join me!  I’ll be talking about healthy living for all aspects of our lives.  I’m not a pro, but I speak from my experiences and my heart, you all know this much, for sure.  Hahah.

    Glad to get this new year rolling.  Ran 4 miles yesterday, read from Anna Karenina(one of my goals is to re-read certain classics), completed my list of errands, cleaned the house.  Yes, yesterday was very fulfilling and this is how I want my whole year to be, from beginning to end.


    My motto for 2012:

    “Be in love with your life — every detail of it.” Jack Kerouac

    Moving …. moving …. forward!!!!!

    3 Jan 2012, 10:10am
    by Mommy Hobbies



    3 Jan 2012, 12:27pm
    by Colette Connolly


    Misha – this blog kinda hurt my heart as I was reading it :-( People can be so vindictive and hurtful. I absolutely love reading your blogs, you have a wonderful style of writing and are someone I look up to. Keep doing your thang sistah, YOU ROCK!

    Funny, I look up to you as a veteran blogger. I want to be like you when I grow up :) …seriously. I hope you never think I copy you. However, you inspire me!

    3 Jan 2012, 4:24pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    @Kim, yes, I’ve been blogging close to 5 years. Funny thing is, I was the one who suggested that this person give blogging a try.
    And, Kim, the thought has NEVER crossed my mind about you copying me. You have your own beautiful way of blogging. You know, I heard something once from a musician, he said that words are out there to be used, each and every word is his and he can use them how he pleases to create his OWN music. This person was fearful, I’m afraid, and it wasn’t the first time they had accused someone of “stealing” their idea. It’s their M.O. I have no desire to copy, them never have, their ideas and style of writing do not appeal to me. I have bloggers I look up to and get “inspiration” too! It’s not copying, until it’s plagiarism. Until then, there is NOTHING new under the sun and far be it from me to think I’m Mrs. Original. Hah!

    Ooh I like that! I will remember that. Not sure that anything is “original” anymore. You may not be original but you definitely have your own flair to your blog. I love it!

    This blogging thang ain’t no joke! It’s unfortunate that you had to lose a friend/opportunity like that, but hey! It’s 2012, you’re creative, you’re honest, you’re transparent, and you’re an awesome wife/mother. This new gig sounds promising; it sounds as if this other blogger really respects you and has decided that your expertise is needed on her blog! ;0) Keep on keeping’ on. Stay true to yourself, your mission, and quality content and the readers will come!

    3 Jan 2012, 8:57pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Thank you for trusting and believing in me, Chandra! Bring it, 2012 :) )

    Here’s to 2012 blogging goals!!

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Integrity is far more valuable than the number of followers or sponsors one has.

    Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog- you’ve helped me get one step closer to my goal.

    6 Jan 2012, 7:59am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Absolutely! (on both accounts)


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