17 Jan 2012, 8:54am
Chronicles Of A Stay At Home Mom:


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  • Chronicles: The Band-aid

    My smile hid so much
    It covered the rips and tears in my heart and soul
    It was the band-aid to a wound so deep there was no cure
    My tears poured when the sun left the sky
    My bed shook with the aches of my heart
    No one to talk to.  No one who cared.
    In the end it was just me and my smile –
    the band-aid to a wound so deep there was no cure.

    Misha Jan 17th 2012

    The other night I was talking to my husband about life and people and how it’s amazing the pain that is hidden each and everyday by our friends, family, neighbors, strangers…
    Some pain is great, some pain is passing, some pain is never ending, while others come from perplexing situations.  People cope, or they try.  Others succumb and just *end it all*.

    Could I be a light?  Could I be the one ray of hope someone has?
    I have to admit, there have been times where I was so, completely low and someone’s smile or reassuring hand on my back could have made all the difference in the world, but there was no one there for me.  It’s the worst feeling in the world to be in a room of talking faces, and not a one — not.a.one — knows the pain you suffer.  And how should they?  How could they?  There was that smile…that band-aid.  It fools a lot of people.  I’ve even been fooled.  But, I’ve gotten smarter, yes I have, I look past the smile and right into the eyes.  More than once I’ve called people out and confronted them with their sadness.  I would want someone to do the same for me.

    Be vigilant.  Don’t always believe that beguiling smile.  Put yourself out on a limb to love someone who may not feel loved or understood.  And then, be careful not to judge too harshly, because one day you just might need them, too.

    17 Jan 2012, 9:17am
    by Deborah Kordecki


    I love you Misha!!!

    17 Jan 2012, 9:20am
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Oh, Deb, I love you too! You’re such a wonderful friend.

    (((Misha))) Thank you for the transparent and inspiring post to remind us all to step out of our glass bubbles and reach to others even if they seem like they are in control.
    You are such an incredible writer.

    Great post, very raw. Wanna come guest post for me this week? I’m feeling drained and could use some new voices! :) Love you friend…

    17 Jan 2012, 4:07pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Absolutely, Joss. Love you too *hug*

    You and Anika over at sweetfacedstyle are set on making me cry today!


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