24 Jan 2012, 9:23am
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  • Running: Winter Blues

    I’ve been running.  I can’t stop, either.  My mileage is SO low, but I’ve been running.  The winter is never a good time for me.  I am DIRECTLY affected by the weather.  A little rain?  I think to myself, “I can’t go running because I’ll get an afro.”  No joke.  This could be a rabbit trail, or not, but my hair *sigh*, gosh, God has a sense of humor.  My hair is long and curly and stays in place until there is any type of moisture in the air, then all curls break loose.  Not funny.  Did I mention we live on the East coast???  Humidity in droves over here, folks, yeah.  Sooo, when it rains, I shrug my shoulders and try not to feel too guilty for not getting out there.  Thankfully, I have Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and will cross train instead.  It’s intense, love it, but it’s not running.

    Recently, I found this amazing site: Daily Mile.  It tracks all sorts of workouts, it’s an online social network for all levels of athletes, beginners, amateur, pro, it really motivates you to do more than you think you can.  I love logging on and being able to type in 5 miles, instead of 2 or 3.  Looking at what all of my friends are doing and how many miles they’re logging just drives me to do more to keep up, or, to stay ahead.  Join me on there!  You can record your cardio, swimming, walking, running, cycling.  It’s awesome.  Surrounding myself with a community of other mother runners, daddy runners, single runners any type of runner is so important.  Please, find a community for you, you receive amazing inspiration and drive watching others achieve and or overcome obstacles.

    Winter is sort of a run suck for me :(    I go to the gym so I don’t have to worry about the elements, but that means that the longest my runs will ever be is 5 miles.  Pooey.  Honestly, running much longer than that on the ‘mill is nearly impossible.  Once, I ran 6 miles and I really don’t know how I did that.  But, I can’t let winter take over all of my workouts.  Thankfully, this winter, I was able to run outside well into January.  UNHEARD of.  Every chance I got to hit the pavement, I did, and with a smile, loving the little rays of sunshine and breeze, knowing it was only a short time until it would all disappear.
    I make sure that my treadmill runs are challenging.  I set the incline to 2% and run at 6.5mph.  Toward the end of my run I set the incline to 3% or 4% and run at 6.6 or 6.7.  My knees are hiked, my back is straight and I’m breathing like there is a shortage on air in the universe.  The poor people around me.  I know I look and sound stupid, but I don’t dwell on it for long.  They look stupid too…sometimes.
    The other day I was running next to this chic and she was flying.  Posted at 6.5mph and looking strong .  I, on the other hand, was posted at 6.6 and when I hit 3 miles, slowed it a little.  She breezed through 6 miles and I HAD to stop once I got to 5.  I felt bad, for a minute, and then I didn’t, because she had absolutely no incline.  I made sure the incline was at 2.5% for the first 3 miles… it will wind you fast and your legs will burn.  That’s what I’m looking for.

    So, winter blues, I’m making the best of you.  I have my half-marathon coming up in March and I won’t be caught with my sneakers unlaced!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA loved the part about looking stupid at the gym. And checking out all the stats of your flying neighbor. LOL toooooo funny!!!!!
    I love running trails because I feel secluded and private whereas neighborhood streets, I assume everyone thinks I’m running FROM something or perhaps guilty of a bad deed…hah my hub said “ummmm no when they see how fast you’re running (rather how slow) they know that’s not true!
    Ayyyyyeee so grateful for that consolation! But seriously, I do not like running and coming face to face with gangsters and no gooders ambling the sidewalks. I’ve made an about face a time or two.
    I love running in uncertain weather, (as uncertain as we get-of course it’s mild compared to yours) it makes me feel empowered and brave. :)
    I still have a long way to go to catch up to you my friend but I am convinced I’ll get there soon!


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