26 Jan 2012, 8:18am
Of Food and Love:

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  • Of Food And Love: Cylas Makes A Quesadilla

    Look mom, no hand!  Ok, I’m exaggerating, but that is kind of how I felt.  My breath was caught in my throat and my hand was instinctively jerking to hold the knife while he worked our poor block of cheese over.

    I came into the kitchen to find Cylas had pulled out all the fixins for a ,”casa-leeda”.  *gulp*

    His cookbook was open and he was chattering about how he was going to make the best “casa-leeda, ever”.   But, I was staring at a grilled cheese sandwich.
    “Cy, this is a grilled cheese sandwich.  Did you want a sandwich or a quesadilla?”
    “Ok, but this is a grilled  cheese…”
    “Yeah, a quesadilla.”

    Finally, I pulled out the tortillas and set them next to the bread and make him point to his preferred casing for his melted cheese.  Tortilla.

    He’s not much taller than the stove and we have spinning bar chairs.  Last thing I need is my 5 year old’s face in a pan spinning in circles flinging melted cheese everywhere.  I did all the man handling of the quesadilla.  Cy just kept poking his nose in to make sure I was doing it right.
    Although, I did grant him the satisfaction of sticking the spatula in the there to wiggle the quesadilla around.

    By the end of it, Cylas still had his hands and his face and my sanity was still intact.


    What do your children cook on their own?

    Kids in the kitchen=tough on mom. My two year old likes to be a “chef”, but when an entire box of graham cracker crumbs ends up on the counter, I’m not a happy camper. But somehow it seems necessary to let him in the kitchen, so endure the clumsiness I shall. :)


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