14 Feb 2012, 8:00am
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  • Of Food And Love: Philadelphia Virtuosi Orchestra

    Music is to the soul what words are to the mind.

    Recently NPR posted an article on how classical music can be sexy and gave a list of cuddly classical pieces.  Funny.

    I’ve never thought classical music to be sexy, myself, but emotionally evocative, absolutely.  Friday night D took our family to see the Philadelphia Virtuosi Orchestra perform.  Stunning.  As a young girl, my room was filled the sounds of Peter And The Wolf, The Nutcracker Suite and other amazing works because my dad was insistent that I be exposed to classical.  I’m hooked, attached, in love and so are our children.

    Cy and Roma did so well.  The performance was two hours but it felt like half that.  Toward the end, we had to encourage them to keep their mouths shut and quit fidgeting but on the whole, they sat so quietly and listening in rapt attention.  In low whispers, Cy and I discussed the instruments being played.  He noted, “Mom, I didn’t know you could make music by moving your arms.  Making the music come out.”  This in reference to the conductor, to him, it seemed the conductor was pulling the music out of each instrument, making such wonderful sounds come together for us to enjoy.

    Before I knew it, there were tears in my eyes from the beauty of it all.  My breath was caught…I’m telling you, I’m not a romanticist or anything, but music, really, really gets to me.  I told David that, “classical music isn’t something that makes your foot tap, it makes your soul move.”  And truly, truly that’s what happened on Friday evening.  Our souls were moved, in a lovely way.

    I love exposing our children to the beauty of something that, at times, can’t not be properly expressed with words.

    Roma's dazzling red shoes and Cy's neon laces. Cutest kids there

    I think my favorite works were Overture to La Scala di Seta (The Silken Ladder, 1812) Gioacchino Rossini and the Pulcunella Suite for small orchestra composed by Igor Stravinsky.  Oh man, just amazing.  The conductor was lifting up on to his toes and pulling the music out and across the whole auditorium.
    This will not be our last orchestra.  Thanks, papa for such a wonderful time!

    “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”
    Alphonse de Lamartine

    14 Feb 2012, 9:21am
    by Deborah Kordecki


    I feel your LOVE for classical !

    This post caused me to remember when I was young, my father would play Tchaikovsky records. We would then lay on the floor with our eyes closed and let the music take us wherever it wanted. Good memories from good times.

    14 Feb 2012, 8:01pm
    by Mommy Hobbies


    Ahh, Nona! That sounds amazing. I should do that with the kids. We talk about the music a lot and what it sounds like…maybe we should just lay still and let it speak to us. aww, what a fabulous memory.


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